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The newly released custom PC towers have 32 GB RAM and efficient graphics cards that allow for a seamless gaming experience. Many models have DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX AIO Liquid CPU Cooler RGB with anti-leak protection to keep them in optimal working condition even with hours of use.

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Groovy Computer’s recent release coincides with a PC Mag article about the best high-performance gaming PCs. According to the article, a unit’s ability to cool down is a very important aspect of the computer’s performance. The report suggests installing extra parts to make airflow more efficient and using liquid coolants to physically cool down the CPU.

The online resource for high-end gaming PCs has a wide range of computers that can be custom-built for gaming and video editing. Aside from the liquid CPU cooler, they can add the Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Mesh White Airflow ATX Mid-Tower with Polygonal Mesh Front Panel and Crystalline Tempered Glass. This type of airflow tower decreases thermal stress on the machine while filtering out dust, dirt, and hair.

Groovy Computers has comparison charts on the website so customers can create the perfect computer for their needs. These comparison charts state not only the speed and durability of the parts but also their compatibility with certain tasks and computer games. Some unboxing videos are available for customers who want to see the parts in action before buying.

According to the high-end PC retailer, airflow is a crucial part of a gamer’s performance. It makes their computers more reliable, so they don’t crash and drop the user out of the game. Groovy Computers explains that good airflow increases the computer’s longevity because the components don’t break down from the heat generated by the machine.

There are two types of fans: static pressure and airflow. Groovy Computers explains that static pressure fans act almost like vacuums that push and suck the air from inside the CPU. They can move air into and out of tight spaces and obstacles. Airflow fans are similar to exhaust fans – they push more hot air out of the computer but cannot handle intake restrictions and filters.

“Got my PC in two days. It runs games better than I expected. Must have asked over a hundred questions, but they were quick and helpful every time. Top-notch service,” a satisfied customer said.

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