Can I Watch AFL Live on My TV?

Almost all the AFL fans have a query about “Can I watch AFL live on my TV.” To rectify this query, we are here bringing this exclusive guide. The Australian Football League or AFL is the most popular men’s competition in Australian Rules football. There has a large fan base across the world regarding this game.

Certainly, they will look for the best ways to watch the AFL live matches. For all of your convenience, we are going to discuss all possible ways that will assist you in watching the AFL live on TV. Let’s dive into the article.

How to Watch AFL on TV

There are various TV channels available in several regions that bring complete AFL coverage. During the AFL premiership season, the channel covers matches live with all the action and excitement for the fans. If you are wondering about those international TV networks, go through below assigned discussion:


  • Channel 7: 


It is one of the major Australian commercial free-to-air television networks. The good thing is that it is the major broadcaster of the whole AFL tournament. The channel has the broadcast rights for up to 4 matches in a week. If you want to stream AFL live through this free-to-air television network, you will need to log in there. Contact your cable operator to get the details.


  • ABC Australia


ABC Australia is Australia’s national broadcaster. It has the official right to bring comprehensive coverage of AFL every season. During AFL Premiership season, it broadcasts up to six matches per week in the Asia-Pacific region. In order to watch the AFL tournament this season, you will have to log in using the details.


  • BT Sports


BT Sport brings live coverage of the AFL tournament as well. It is the only place in the UK to watch live of the Australian Football League. On every season, at least two matches per week are broadcasted through this platform.


  • Fox sports


Fox Sports is one of the popular and major broadcasters of the AFL tournament. Through this TV network, you will all stream live of the AFL Season, including the Grand Final and finale series.


  • GZTV


It is the most popular and the first 24-hour sports television network in Guangzhou, China. The channel covers the full tournament across the nation. If you are out of this region, you will need a subscription to get access to the shows there.


  • Sky Television


Sky TV broadcasts the matches of The Australian Football League (AFL) every week. The channel is considered the home for broadcasting LIVE sport in New Zealand. In the previous seasons of AFL, this TV network covered three LIVE matches each week.


  • TSN


It is a Canadian sports television network. For Canadian fans, it covers the world’s content on sports lives, including AFL. You will have to subscribe to watch the event there.


Watch AFL Live Stream Online in 2022

Let’s move through the online streaming procedures. There are two best and most effective ways to live stream the AFL online. One is Foxtel, and the other one is Kayo. Read through below to learn in details:


Foxtel has the right to broadcasts every live match of the AFL season through Fox Footy. To run the Foxtel on your smart TV, you will have to purchase the official package. You may down and install Foxtel GO app in yourdevice. Log in there using your username and password. There you can stream the live for free and should have a Foxtel IQ subscription. The subscription cost is $25 per month. If you are on Fox Footy, that is priced at $29 per month.



Kayo Sports:

Kayo is another best way to get access to the AFL live streaming. Kayo Sports has its official application, which can be accessed by several TV brands now, including Apple TV, Samsung TV, and Sony Bravia TV. The streaming service offers up to 14 days of the trial for beginners. Then, if you want two simultaneous broadcasting, the price will be $25 per month. In the case of three simultaneous streams, you need to purchase at $35 per month.

Can I watch stream Watch AFL 2022 on my Apple TV?


You can conveniently watch and enjoy the complete AFL match on your Apple TV. But the condition is it should be the 4th Generation Apple TV or higher. Apple TV is now configured to support the AFL app. In order to stream live of the AFL, you will need to Download the Watch AFL app into your TV unit. It is the official way to watch AFL matches LIVE. Then install the app by following the details. Then, you will have to set up the subscription process through the official website of AFL. You can’t be able to complete the signup procedures via your Apple TV.

Once you will have done a successful subscription, log in here using your username or password. After logging in, you will be able to access all the live AFL matches. But you cannot download matches for offline viewing.

How to Chromecast AFL 2022 Live on the TV?


Via Chromecast is another way to watch AFL live on TV. One can easily cast the AFL match using Chromecast. But before, you will have to configure your TV to support AFL live games there. You will need an AFL subscription, the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser, and a sturdy wifi connection to your TV. If you have already those, follow the below steps to set up your Chromecast:


  • First, go to your Google Chrome web browser.
  • Visit
  • You have to log in there if you have not signed up yet.
  • Then, on the top right corner of the screen, you will find the three-doted icon. Click on it and go to “Cast.”
  • Now click “Sources” and choose “Cast Tab” from the drop-down menu
  • Choose Chromecast to start casting. When done, you will be able to watch the live marches there.

Wrapping it UP

Throughout this article, we have covered the best ways to watch AFL live on TV. Hopefully, now you can easily get live streaming on your TV. Thank you for visiting our webpage.