Campbell, CA Energy-Efficient HVAC System Installation For Air Quality: Update

Sold under its Semper Air brand, the firm’s latest gas furnace and air conditioning units are designed and made in America, and include an industry-leading lifetime warranty. The systems incorporate advanced multi-speed technologies, which can achieve as much as 50% greater efficiency than comparable products.

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Semper Solaris’ enhanced HVAC systems were developed in response to the high energy bills now being seen across California. The firm states that, when combined with its selection of solar panel and battery storage solutions, the units can help homeowners achieve true energy independence.

According to the consumer analysis website Utilities Local, Campbell residents are now paying approximately 70% more than the US national average for electricity. Over the past 12 months, prices have increased by 17%. The website also points out that Campbell has very favorable solar radiation values when compared to other states.

While Semper Solaris is encouraging California homeowners to switch to solar, the firm believes that home energy efficiency should be approached from multiple directions. The development of its improved HVAC systems was part of this effort, offering significantly lower electricity consumption for heating and cooling of homes.

Along with its Semper Air HVAC systems, the company offers some of the latest solar panel technologies from manufacturers such as Silfab and Q Cells. Semper Solaris is also a leading installer of Tesla and Enphase battery storage systems, now allowing a 3-stage solution to home energy efficiency.

About Semper Solaris

A veteran-owned and operated company, Semper Solaris has outlets across 15 California locations, as well as a growing presence in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. The company’s name was inspired by the Marine Corps motto ‘Semper Fidelis’, which translates to ‘always faithful’.

One Campbell homeowner recently stated: “Semper Solaris did a great job installing solar on our home. I think it was a challenging installation with a steeply pitched roof, on an older property, and it was achieved with care and efficiency in a couple of days. Their electrical equipment installer was great and worked with me to make sure our battery backup circuits were just right.”

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