Campad Electronics Announce New GPS Car Trackers

Car and vehicle owners looking for the latest car tracker are now able to purchase a GPS car tracker from Campad Electronics. Today Campad Electronics has released details of the GPS car tracker options. A GPS tracker is a theft deterrent for any vehicle, car boat, truck or motorcycle.

GPS car trackers are designed to appeal specifically to car owners and include:

GPS tracking – A feature such as this has been included because the major benefits of a GPS car tracking device include: theft notification and anti-theft, location monitoring, remote disabling of the car and fast theft recovery. This is a cost effective vehicle tracking system that lets car owners to locate and track their vehicle in real time so they can report the exact location of the vehicle to police in case of theft. This is great news for the car onwers everywhere due to ever increasing car theft rates.

Remote Immobilisation – This is an outstanding feature of GPS car trackers and the benefit to end users is that by using the phone app owners can enable immobilisation so the vehicle cannot be started until the owner enables the ignition again.

Customers purchasing a GPS car tracker should like this feature because this can stop the car from being stolen or if the car has already been stolen they can prevent the car from being started again.

Real-time tracking with route history – This was part of the car tracker’s development as not only can the owner see where their car is right now but using the historical route screen they can also see where the vehicle has previously been.

Vehicle owners will likely appreciate this because it is useful for tracking journeys as well as determining where the car has been if it has been stolen.

These GPS car trackers are another release of a new product from Campad Electronics and they are particularly excited about this release because this device is useful for tracking the vehicle’s journey as well as determining where the car has been if it is ever stolen.

Those people interested in learning more about the business can do so on Campad Electronics website.

While those vehicle owners who are interested in purchasing can go directly to the device listing, here:

Campad Electronics
[email protected]
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