California Santa Fe Dining Sets: Farmhouse-Style Authentic Wood Furniture Launch

The company’s newly launched traditional wooden furniture line recalls the era in which all home decorations were handcrafted. With the new dining sets, customers can enjoy the aesthetic of country living, regardless of their home’s location.

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This new expansion, which is divided into three collections–traditional, cabana, and slate-style–is curated to ensure that it recalls memories of a diversity of country-living experiences: a wind-swept ranch, the nostalgia of a grandparent’s home, and the bright Indigenous-inspired colors of the American West.

Traditional-style dining collections are stained a uniform light color, bringing out the original shades of the wood. They are built sturdy, and the craftsmanship displays the timber’s natural knobs and whorls. They honor the natural beauty of the material, and are more minimalist in style than the other collections.

The Cabana-style collection has been treated to appear artfully distressed: the dark stain has been applied sporadically to evoke weathered farmhouse decor. This effect is enhanced by additions of colorful paint on each piece, and draws on the striking elegance of geometric designs. Each piece is striking and unique.

Slate-style furniture is also built sturdy, with each handcrafted piece made from thick dark timber. Each piece is accentuated with subtle dark green geometric designs that complement the piece. Many pieces, including the dining chairs, are enhanced with hand-carved rosette motifs.

The dining sets are manufactured in Mexico from solid pine wood, and are finished through a variety of different processes that result in their distinctive final colors.

Rustics For Less is headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and has been selling high-quality furniture for nearly 20 years. In addition to furniture, they retail a wide variety of farmhouse-style home accessories, various children’s plush toys, and a women’s clothing line. They ship across the Continental US.

According to a business spokesperson: “At Rustics For Less, we make it simple to add style to your home. Whether your tastes are traditional, rustic or vintage, our expansive assortment of home goods provides endless possibilities for self-expression.”

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