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Caleb Boxx Running the #1 YouTube Automation Company in the World

For a person looking for ways to monetize their video content, YouTube is probably the best place to have a crack at it. There’s plenty of money in it, too. Just in 2019, YouTube’s revenue from advertising alone was more than $15 billion. Seeing how creators get 55% of the ad revenue their videos create, their earnings pool in 2019 went up to $8.5 billion—not an amount to scoff at, especially for ambitious creators with a healthy following and engaging content.

A common misconception about succeeding on YouTube is that it requires a lot of work. Sure, the initial investment into a YouTube channel might be in the form of work hours spent creating and editing videos. But with some starting capital, people might turn their YouTube channels into passive income generators using the YouTube Automation model.

With YouTube Automation, channel owners rely on freelance professionals to create content for them. Usually, they’d create videos from footage and voice-overs, to avoid the need of having to tie their channel to any specific person. This allows the channel owners to change their team members as they see fit and, in general, gives them the freedom to step back and just be the person paying for the content and getting the profits.

Caleb Boxx specializes in running channels using this business model. Considering Caleb has been a digital entrepreneur from the time he was a young teenager, turning to content creation and building cash cow channels back in 2016 was only natural to him. Caleb got in touch with the biggest names among YouTube creators, learned from them, and in time developed his YouTube Automation business model.

As his channel grew, Caleb found a new business opportunity in helping other people do what he did. Caleb helped well-known YouTube names reach new levels of success, then decided to offer his services to the general public before creating what’s now the world’s number one YouTube Automation company.

The company creates content for Caleb’s channels but can also do the same for other people’s channels. Now, 140-strong and growing, the company’s team is staffed by freelance professionals who are young, focused, hard-working, and willing to learn, much like Caleb himself. Caleb puts a premium on loyalty to the team, making for good company culture and team spirit—something their customers might not outright see, but they benefit from it nonetheless.

Together, Caleb and his team are dedicated to creating an easy entry point into YouTube Automation for their clients. So while they’re focused on providing top-notch services in content creation, they also go the extra mile in customer relations and care. Their customer service team philosophy is to do whatever they can to make their clients’ wishes come true—within reason—which often entails a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly.