Caipiteal CEO Benjamin Boyle Creates Warp Technology

Dublin, Ireland Dec 28, 2022 ( – Caipiteal LTD, a Dublin-based company has developed Warp Speed technology. Caipiteal’s CEO Benjamin Boyle pioneered and developed the science behind how the technology works. This means our civilization will be able to reach distant stars at extreme speeds and they are no longer out of reach. A trip to Mars may now take a matter of seconds as opposed to months.

The technology works on the back of quantum physics and noetic science. The technology operates by using the states of energy in the Higgs field and combines it with the observer effect to give a result where intention can increase the weight of an object or area, therefore warping space. A meditator can move energy to a lower or a higher state, therefore, giving the energy more or less mass in the Higgs field. In time an AI will be able to do the same and warp-speed technology will be the everyday normality.

In the words of the inventor Benjamin Boyle “It’s just like the steam engine, it looks complicated when it is first invented but in reality it’s very simple applied quantum physics.”

Caipiteal is in noetic discussions with Elon Musk about how to allocate the intellectual property of this invention as many other scientists, groups, organizations, and inventors also deserve credit for us reaching this point.

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Caipiteal is an investment company based in Ireland. The company seeks to solve the problems associated with maintaining family wealth by providing wealthy families with wealth management and investment strategies. With 9/10 families losing their wealth by the third generation, Caipiteal offers proven strategies and support to help families preserve their wealth. Caipiteal also develops a wide range of other products and strategies for world leaders as auxiliary products and services. For more information, please visit

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