Buy/Sell Trade Opportunity Watchlist System For Stocks, Forex, Crypto Announced

The Pilot platform from Quant Gate Systems conducts over 5 billion calculations per second to analyze trade behaviors from leading traders around the world for crypto, forex, stocks, and other types of assets.

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Utilizing artificial intelligence, the platform helps both new and experienced investors to make more informed trades through real-time market tracking and custom watchlists.

As the range of assets available to invest in continues to expand, it is impossible for traders to monitor and track all the opportunities that arise. However, advances in AI technology offer an innovative solution to this problem, opening new avenues and strategies for investors.

Quant Gate Systems’ Pilot system was designed to make this technology accessible to retail investors across the country.

Users of Pilot can set up custom watchlists based on their personal investing interests, before letting the platform scan the market in real time. The system’s algorithms then monitor what other traders are doing and analyze their behavior to predict and alert users to any key opportunities that arise.

Traders who want to increase their ability to make quick actions can also link their Pilot accounts directly to their brokerage accounts, allowing them to make trades as soon as they receive an alert. This synchronicity streamlines the overall process while also preventing the risk of losses from time-sensitive opportunities.

The assets available for monitoring on the platform include over 60,000 securities across stocks, forex, futures, and cryptocurrencies, making Pilot suitable for traders in all areas.

New investors can also practice on a demo version of Quant Gate Systems’ platform that uses delayed historical data for real-life market simulations. Additionally, the platform has a range of subscription levels to allow traders to find a service that suits their investing needs and budgets.

A spokesperson for Quant Gate Systems said, “You can learn how to navigate markets with ease and know exactly when to buy and when to sell with Pilot’s real-time trading alerts.”

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