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The firm now offers guidance and training from a team of 7 successful businesspeople, with the goal of helping new and aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid common mistakes. The program also incorporates specialists in marketing, research, product development, and manufacturing, who assist in preparing new products for a nationwide launch.

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IdeaPros’ revised program is now accepting applications, with candidates required to undertake a multi-stage discussion and interview process prior to an offer being made. The intention is to identify entrepreneurs with the greatest potential, and provide the training and support that many new businesses lack.

The great resignations of the past 12-18 months highlighted a growing desire for independence, with many aspiring to be self-employed. However, a recent report from Harvard Business Review found that new entrepreneurs are often lacking several key skills, including self-management, planning and organization, and analytical problem-solving.

With the most recent updates, the IdeaPros mentorship program allows aspiring entrepreneurs to benefit and learn from the experience of established businesspeople. In addition, startups will be offered access to an extensive network of industry contacts, which can often help a new business gain traction.

The firm states that its current application process will span 25 days, during which applicants have an opportunity to discuss and develop their idea. Candidates will also be required to demonstrate the merits of their concept, as well as their own personal drive to be successful.

About IdeaPros

Featured on major outlets such as Bloomberg, Forbes, and Wallstreet Online, IdeaPros seeks to leverage the experience of successful businesspeople to help more US startups achieve success. Company founder Fred Cary has been responsible for taking 3 companies public and has generated billions of dollars across multiple organizations.

A representative of IdeaPros recently stated: “The world’s most successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common: none of them did it alone. If someone has what it takes, we want to become their new partner. Not only will we teach them everything they need to know to run a new company, we will build it with them every step of the way.”

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