Business Security Systems A Crucial Tool For Loss Prevention

Nashville, TN – As the Christmas season arrives and the economy enters a state of turmoil, business owners may be faced with shoplifting and other crimes at a higher rate. However, these risks may be minimized by business owners who maintain diligent security practices throughout the holiday season. Nashville’s Clear Link Systems explains that building security is most effective when utilizing a combination of both security technology and the right people on site.

Business security systems provider Clear Link Systems says that the holidays tend to bring out the best and worst in people. Unfortunately, retailers tend to notice the latter, and Christmas time has been dubbed “the shoplifting season.” In fact, businesses typically see a 5 to 10% increase in shoplifting in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

Thankfully, Clear Link Systems says that there are many ways that businesses can mitigate their risk and reduce their losses. According to the business security solutions provider, the first and arguably most important of these is utilizing a monitored security system. This might consist of security cameras along with audio surveillance equipment. Clear Link Systems recommends that all entry points be monitored with cameras and that this feed is continually watched by a third party or an on-site security agent.

Clear Link Systems also recommends that business owners keep a close eye on employees. While the vast majority of small business owners want to trust the people they have working under their wing, seasonal employees (and even long-term staff) may not respect their boundaries and believe they may be entitled to unapproved compensation. Business owners should maintain audio and video surveillance in both retail and warehousing, staging, and storage areas. In addition, these locations should be locked and monitored when not actively in use.

Most businesses can also benefit from access control as part of their business security systems plan. Access control utilizes key cards, fobs, and other technology to restrict who can enter a building or section of a business.

Business owners should also make a point to be present consistently throughout the holiday season. While Clear Link Systems does not recommend micromanaging employees or hovering over customers, many shoplifting instances may be prevented by simply having a presence at entrances and at strategic locations throughout a retail floor. It’s not as easy to conceal stolen goods when passing by someone trained to look for just that.

Many Nashville business owners also find it beneficial to hire a dedicated security guard or outsource manpower to a security company. Patrolling the parking lot and maintaining a visible presence throughout a business’ grounds is a great way for owners to let people know they are watching and looking out for their customers’ best interest. A great example of this would be the security patrols at Opry Mills Mall, which are easily seen inside and out anytime the mall is open.

Ultimately, Clear Link Systems says that business security systems should be supplemented with the human element. This might mean a security guard at the door or a monitored audio/video surveillance system. While not all instances of theft can be deterred, the steps outlined above may save businesses from significant losses throughout the holidays.

Clear Link Systems offers business security solutions in Nashville and throughout the Middle Tennessee area. The company has served more than 1000 local businesses, including Hiller and Smiles Direct Club. Clear Link Systems offers access control, security camera systems, cabling solutions, and more. For more information, visit the website at

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