Business License Management Software AkuLicense New Name Announced

Business License Management software is a crucial part of a business’ management because, if a task has a deadline as well as a financial obligation, the right software system can manage it better than a human can, saving the business a lot of money and even more headaches. AkuLicense is the new name for the business license management software that was formerly known as SmartLicense, a proprietary software program offered by Clarus Partners Advisors LLC.

Most businesses must get a business license in order to conduct business. In addition, these licenses must be kept current. Failure to obtain or renew a license can result in financial penalties. Even worse, a business can be shuttered if a license isn’t renewed on time.

Jeff Stonerock, CPA, Partner at Clarus Partners Advisors, managed this function for his previous organization – an international company with hundreds of locations – for more than 18 years. During that time, he tried many different software programs to help him manage this important role. Each one was lacking in one area or another, opening Stonerock’s employer to vulnerabilities or liabilities. Stonerock decided that the market was prime for a truly effective solution to this problem, so he developed AkuLicense.

AkuLicense stores all licenses, permits, and supporting documents. These licenses can include not only business licenses, but also permits from health and fire departments, individual employee licenses, sellers’ permits, cabaret and alcoholic beverage permits, and assumed name or DBA (“Doing Business As”) permits,

Government agencies can also require specialized businesses to have certain licenses if its products or services pose a safety concern, such as: aviation, maritime transportation, firearms, and nuclear energy.

Even zoning and conditional use permits have to be renewed in certain jurisdictions.

For businesses that operate fleets of cars, trucks, or boats, motor vehicle registrations can also turn out to be complicated and costly to administer.

“It’s astounding how much time and mental bandwidth are required to track and manage the myriad of licenses and permits required to do business,” said Jeff Stonerock, CPA. “And if an operator has multiple locations, as many owners do, the complications increase exponentially. A simple $60 business license can shut down a multimillion-dollar concern. AkuLicense software takes the guesswork out of managing this job.”

AkuLicense Business License Management software program comprises a dashboard display that can be used by multiple users at the same company, a calendar that tracks all licenses and permits and prevents missed deadlines, and cloud storage so that associated documents can be accessed easily.

The software program has been renamed to AkuLicense, but offers the same benefits as before, including one of its most impressive attributes – and one that is especially appreciated by its users; customer support that is provided by knowledgeable tax professionals instead of generic customer service reps. This means that questions are answered more accurately and more quickly. Clarus Partners Advisors LLC is a leading provider of business license software solutions as well as sales and use tax compliance and consulting. Clarus Partners developed AkuLicense software that can be used by businesses of all sizes to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal business licensing requirements, saving the hassle and expense of missing renewal deadlines, and avoiding fees and penalties.

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