Business Education Video: Strategies To Network & Find Startup Investors Launch

Originally conducted as a live webinar, “Connections: Leverage the Power of Association” has now been shared as a YouTube video. In it, host Tessa Ashford discusses how entrepreneurs can utilize LinkedIn to establish meaningful connections with potential investors.

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Ashford says that online platforms can help founders cast a wider net beyond their immediate social circle. Moreover, tools like LinkedIn enable entrepreneurs to identify key decision-makers, boosting their chances of finding an investor.

Raising capital is consistently one of the biggest challenges startups face. Without investors, launching or expanding a venture will not be possible. Ashford notes that networking can unlock many opportunities, but many founders may not be adept at this crucial skill. By giving viewers a proven and repeatable way of reaching out to potential investors, the video enables entrepreneurs to fast-track their goals.

Entrepreneurs will learn how to set up their LinkedIn profiles to enhance their credibility and increase their chances of getting a response. Likewise, the video explains how to use one’s existing contact list to request introductions to other users.

Understanding that outreach can only go so far, the webinar also includes tips and tricks for doing strategic profile searches. This ensures that founders can locate potential investors based on factors like industry, job roles, past companies, schools, and the like.

Ashford concludes: “There’s a reason why 89% of B2B companies rely on LinkedIn for prospect generation. Our video learning session shows you how to fully take advantage of it.”

“Connections: Leverage the Power of Association” is part of an ongoing educational series on meeting and persuading investors. Those who wish to learn more may also watch IdeaPros’ video on convincing investors to commit capital to their venture.


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