Business Coach Helps Small Businesses Thrive in a Time of Struggle

The last two years have been tough for many businesses as we continue to face the effects of the pandemic. Unfortunately, many have been unable to stay afloat and others have had to drastically remodel how they conduct their business in order to adapt. It has also caused a negative impact on our personal lives and many have found the work-life balance hard to manage.

However, the worst of times can often bring out the best in ourselves and can force people to improvise and adapt. Graham Garman, business coach, has helped numerous businesses do just that, offering invaluable business coaching and advice to help businesses thrive. 

Who is Graham Garman?

Graham is a seasoned business owner who has an extensive background in business performance. He enjoys seeing companies thrive and the arrow going up, whether it be for building growth plans or structuring the highest return on investment and other metrics that indicate growth. 

No matter whether you wish to grow your customer base, work fewer hours or add more to your bottom line, Graham helped so many businesses build a brighter future already. He offers bespoke advice that ensures you can build the future that you want. 

Graham provides a straight-talking approach that helps you get to the route of what can be improved and what needs to be done to grow. 

Close the Gap! 

He recognises that when making a plan from A to B that you should do so in the most efficient way possible ensuring you take the quickest route. This is why he has created the close the gap report. This report is designed to help you discover where your business is now and where it needs to go moving forward. 

Throughout the pandemic, this approach has helped his clients figure out a starting point and careful strategy. As a result, they could work their way through this struggle at a pace that suited them and allowed them to stabilise.

Working to Implement Results

No matter how hard you have been hit over the last few years, business coaches like Graham know what you need to guarantee results. 

In addition, by implementing a robust touchpoint strategy, Graham has been able to support many businesses in generating opportunities using past, present and future customers. Loyalty was key for many organisations these past couple of years and Graham worked with struggling businesses to maintain those customers and do whatever they could to draw in new ones.

It’s Not All Marketing and Sales! 

To navigate your business through these uncertain times requires you to be able to ensure long-term sustainable growth and it isn’t all about marketing and sales! To achieve this kind of growth, it is critical that business functions are developed to support this. This is why Graham worked with business owners to ensure that every element of their business was on the path to performing as efficiently as possible. (Even with lower staffing and budgets in some cases.) 

Graham understands the importance of learning to improve skills and as a business coach, he is always learning. There is an abundance of content out there regarding businesses from books to videos and search results online. However, without taking action, or the ability to find the time, nothing will change.