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We will send LUNC to the Sun, even Elon Musk couldn’t even dream of going as far as we will.

New York City, New York Dec 1, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The world of cryptocurrencies is about to change forever as Terra blockchain’s native LUNC token has started to burn. The LUNC burn has rapidly become the most anticipated event among the users as the benefit is more than expected. One of the trendiest and most useful websites of cryptocurrencies, especially the blockchain of Terra, the Lunctts is here to burn the LUNC with the goal of burning it to the Sun. It is now inviting users to take part in this event and gain similar profit. The online platform is burning the native token of Terra Classic blockchain and now is launching the Luncinerator a game changer to burn a massive amounts of LUNC.

Lucntts has a dream of burning LUNC to a point where it can be sent to the Sun. Users now have the opportunity to take part in these weekly burn sessions and make that happen. The website will burn a complete 100% of the LUNC fee till December 31 of 2022. The sessions officially started on Monday, the 22nd of July, 2022. Even though the website is offering to burn LUNC up to 100% till the end of this year, the project will continue to run in the upcoming years as well. In the next year the website will burn up to 80% and the weekly sessions will go for the entire next year. Even after the next year, if the users are worried about it stopping, the journey will not meet an end. The website is offering to burn 50% of the LUNC fee forever.

While the users are staking with the website and taking part in these weekly sessions, they are guaranteed to get a 100% of the full node uptime along with some stable rewards. Lunctts burns the Validator commission weekly, every Monday. With stable rewards for each and every user, the users will get a chance to witness this classic burn of Luna Classic by choosing the Lunctts Validator node. With advanced technology, effective strategies, and features that match modernity, the platform will take the user experience and profits to a level that is unimaginable by the tech genius Elon Musk.

The platform maintains complete transparency with the users and they can even check the latest burn session details. The biggest example of the platform’s transparency is that the transaction details of the last session are available so the users can check for themselves. As the burning sessions stated in July of this year, the users can verify the transaction of the 4th burn of LUNC at the Terra Finder link: https://finder.terra.money/classic/tx/9936EFEB32898C7B9C88384EE2BBB8B78833C40D07B142545FDAE5DAF2102DF1. The transaction details 3rd burn of LUNC at the Terra Finder can be checked from: https://finder.terra.money/classic/tx/C8A0528831CDABFC60009DF07F67F51CC116275A71F500C0E5BC85FD3FD7ABBA.

This Luna classic blockchain platform is also launching its decentralized game titled, ‘Luncinerator’ which will be available on the platform soon for playing. This P2P Blackjack Multiplayer game is offering the users to play and when they win, it will burn LUNC. Visit https://lunctts.com/ and https://luncinerator.com for further details.

So, what are you waiting for? Take part in this beneficial journey today and burn the LUNC to the Sun!!

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