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Bunion Removal Surgery And Everything You Need to Know About It

Bunion removal is one of the most common types of foot surgeries that a person has to go through in their life. A bunion is an excessive growth of bone in your foot. It takes the form of a bony bump at the base of your big toe, where it joins the first metatarsal (the foot bone). When you have a bunion, your big toe heavily points towards the second toe, which is why bunions are classified as a foot deformity.

Usually, bunions are caused by wearing shoes that are too small or narrow in the toe area. Bunions can be benign at first, and then later become very painful as they grow. They can become so large that it becomes difficult to put on shoes or walk. At this severity level, pursuing medical treatment options such as surgery is highly recommended.

Bunion removal surgery is a procedure where the deformed area near your big toe is treated with a process called bunionectomy. In a bunionectomy, the bump on the side of your big toe joint is removed and your toes are properly realigned into a straight position. However, if your bunion is mild enough, you can try to pursue nonsurgical options instead. 

Do You Need Bunion Removal Surgery

There are multiple ways for you to get relief from bunion pain. Most people wear larger-sized shoes that have more space for their toes to prevent squeezing or irritating their bunion. It is also common to use protective pads around your bunion, as well as shoe inserts to provide more cushioning for your feet. If you still experience pain after trying these methods, bunion removal surgery is your best option.

You are an ideal candidate for the bunion surgery if:

  • The pain in your foot restricts your regular movement and physical tasks
  • You are not able to walk longer than a few blocks without triggering the pain
  • You can’t straighten or bend your toe
  • There is swelling and pain in your toe that doesn’t go away with medication

How to Book Yourself for a Bunion Removal Surgery

If you think you are a perfect candidate for bunion removal surgery, there are some easy steps you can follow in order to book your appointment. First, discuss your condition with a certified, professional foot doctor, and give them a complete explanation of your symptoms and limitations. 

For recommendations regarding the best bunion removal surgery options for your condition, visit Northwest Surgery Center.

After explaining your condition to a certified doctor, they will most likely take some X-rays and determine the kind of surgery required to remove the bunion and realign your big toe. There are over one hundred procedures for bunion removal, so choosing the best option is a crucial step. Before appointing you for surgery, the doctor will ensure you are healthy and in good condition. The preparations include taking X-rays of your lungs, checking heart functions, urine and blood tests, and other precautionary tests.

The surgery will be an outpatient procedure, so you can go home after a few hours. After that, you need to strictly follow the guidelines your doctor has provided in order to fully recover. That way, there will be less pain and less chance of a bunion developing again.

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