Bullish Bunnies is Out to Bring Real-world Value to its Community

Many NFT projects have been launched in the surge of the ongoing explosion of Web3. Bullish Bunnies was created to give its community the opportunity to have a solid investment at their hands.

The team has big plans to revolutionize the hype around NFTs today. A profile-pic-based collection of 7777 generative hand-drawn NFTs got released and are ready to mint.

Each NFT has over 120 unique traits that have different levels of rarity. Minting one will give members the chance to get a super-rare or even legendary 1/1 edition of a Bullish Bunny.

Next to creating massive hype, the team created its own governance token, $BULLISH, which allows holders to stake their NFTs on-chain and earn passive income.

As if that is not enough, the team of Bullish Bunnies plans to raffle 2 Rolex Submariner watches to their community. Their road map is not done after this. Even bigger plans to launch their very own Metaverse are in the making, not to mention that a part of all revenue generated by sales will be used for charity purposes.

The artist behind the project is an aspiring creator from Belgium that keeps themselves rather secretive. Bullish Bunnies has more in store for everyone that loves their artwork. One thing to say about the creator is that they love animals so much, that they created a whole project to cherish them.

Giveaways won’t end with the winning of watches and staking their NFTs. More editions of Bullish Bunnies are to be created in the future to create a space, that will not only exist in the metaverse but also holds real-life events and invite celebrities next to the holders and community.

One of their upcoming editions will be Mutant Bunnies, this is still kept secret as development goes on. To find out more about the project, the website and the respective social media channels can be found here. For direct inquiries and participartion, their discord is the first adress to look out for.

Bullish Bunnies

Website: https://www.bullish-bunnies.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bullish_bunnies

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/G9rmG4k4jA