Brooklyn Movers For Apartments With No Elevator, Questions To Ask Guide Released

Titled “Important Questions to Ask Moving Companies Before You Hire Them”, the new guide features a printable Moving Company Questionnaire, which individuals can use to evaluate all the moving companies they contacted and determine which one is the most reliable, affordable, and best suits their relocation plans.

More information about, the full guide, and a PDF version of the Moving Company Questionnaire can be found at

In a recent study conducted by OnePoll, 45% of Americans said that moving was the number one most stressful event in life – ahead of getting divorced or going through a breakup (44%) and getting married (33%). Across the pond, Brits feel similarly, with 47% of respondents calling moving the most stressful event in life. However, believes that moving doesn’t have to be the biggest stressor if planned properly. As such, its new guide was released to help individuals find reliable movers and thus relieve some of the stress associated with the process. lists the ten most important questions customers should ask moving companies, with experience, reputation, and licensing and insurance at the top of the list. The guide recommends hiring experienced movers, as it’s often difficult to find reviews and complaints about newer companies. On the other hand, a company that’s been in business for years will have testimonials and records of any legal disputes.

While years of experience are a good indication and a good place to start, believes that for a full picture, customers should always ask the mover to provide references from previous clients or research the company’s reputation through other channels such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Similarly, the guide advises customers to always check the mover’s licensing and insurance status to avoid legal issues and scams. also explains that a reputable moving company will always have questions for the customer; these include what items need to be moved, whether or not the customer will be needing packing services, and whether the building has stairs. was created with a mission to help US customers find reliable, licensed, and insured movers for local, long-distance, and international relocation.

With over 700 licensed and insured movers now part of the network, users can find movers for any type of relocation, including movers for apartments with no elevator. A list of Brooklyn moving companies can be found at
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