BRiX Fractional Real Estate Offers Shares of Ownership in Rental Properties Starting at $100!

Maimi, Florida, United States, 11th Feb 2023 – BRiX Fractional Real Estate revolutionizes the world of real estate investment by launching its proprietary technology platform, providing a modern and accessible way for individuals to invest in high-performing rental properties starting at just $100.

With fractional ownership, multiple investors can collectively own property and share in the rental income generated by it. BRiX’s innovative approach assigns a property to a single corporation, allowing accredited, foreign, and a limited number of non-accredited investors to invest in fractions of real estate. As the company nears the end of its fundraising efforts to secure the necessary SEC licenses, investors have shown a strong interest in this unique opportunity.

“Our goal is to make real estate investment inclusive, not just accessible to large institutional investors,” said CEO Julio Caceres. “We are dedicated to sourcing and managing high-performing assets that generate strong rental income and have the potential for appreciation, providing our investors with a steady stream of rental income, a share of property appreciation, and tax benefits.”

BRiX Fractional Real Estate is the future of real estate investment, offering an easy and convenient way for individuals to participate in the real estate market and reap its rewards. Visit the BRiX website to learn more about fractional ownership and stay updated on the platform’s launch.

About BRiX Fractional Real Estate:

BRiX Fractional Real Estate is a technology-driven company that offers fractional ownership in rental properties. Its proprietary technology platform simplifies access to a diversified real estate portfolio, allowing individuals to benefit from strong rental demand and take their investment portfolios to the next level. The company is in the final stage of its capital formation round and invites interested investors to contact them for further information.

Contact Information: Robert Cullen 908-512-2049 [email protected]


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