British Fashion Designer, Rachel Mahony, Introduces Her New Brand: Rachel Mahony.

London, UK, 31st January 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, British fashion designer Rachel O’Mahony and the co-founder of Aloura Collections is proud to announce her new brand – Rachel Mahony. The new brand will be a more refined version of Aloura Collection and feature more developed embroideries and a range of women’s clothing, from tailored blazers to long evening gowns. The new brand is meant to give O’Mahony and her partner Aloura Collections more creative independence and give customers even better fashion designs. 

While commenting on the new brand, O’Mahony stated, 

Launching the Rachel Mahony brand was a major decision I did not take lightly. By taking this step, I can express my creativity more freely than ever and create unique pieces for customers who appreciate artistic expression. But fear not, existing fans of Aloura Collection – when you shop this new brand, you can expect the same quality products that you’ve come to know and love! The difference is that they will now be infused with even more of my artistic ideas, making them truly special. So don’t hesitate to check out the Rachel Mahony label- I think you’ll enjoy what you find

The Rachel Mahony brand will be a more refined version of Aloura Collection. It will feature even more detailed embroideries and a more extensive collection of women’s clothes ranging from tailored blazers to long evening gowns. 

If O’Mahony’s history is anything to go by, then clients can expect quality and elegance to define the Rachel Mahony fashion brand. Since launching Aloura Collection, O’Mahony has been featured in some of the best fashion magazines, ranging from Glamour, Wonderland Magazine, and British Vogue. She has also won several awards, including the LCF People’s Choice Award, and the Cass Art Student Spotlight Competition. She has also been involved in clothing countless celebrities with made-to-order couture lines at red-carpet events.  

Rachel O’Mahony is the founder of both Aloura Collection and now Rachel Mahony. She has focused on female wear, especially silhouettes, and has dressed many celebrities with her made-to-order couture lines. With the launch of Rachel Mahony, she intends to give clients a more refined version of Aloura Collection, and more complex embroideries. O’Mahony’s success has a lot to do with her academic background. She is a graduate of the London College of Fashion, where she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design, Womenswear. 

About Aloura Collection

Aloura Collection is a fashion company that makes contoured evening dresses that offer a variety of stretch satin and soft neoprene fabric. The fabrics come with an element of delicate sequin hand-embellishments. Aloura Collection has perfected the art of figure-defining garments that makes them customized for every occasion. 

About Rachel Mahony 

Rachel Mahony is a more customized version of Aloura Collection. Unlike Aloura Collection, a partnership between Rachel O’Mahony and Emily Hill, Rachel Mahony brings out the full creative extent of Rachel O’Mahony. The brand is focused on more in-depth embroideries, and an even more extensive collection of women’s clothes. 

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