Bridgecoin Allows Crypto Capital Gain Deferment

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Bridgecoin Capital unveiled today the launch of their new lending platform, which is the first of its kind to lend customers crypto into traditional real estate assets. This novel model, designed by the partnership of real estate and crypto professionals, is the first tax efficient method for preserving wealth in the blockchain industry. It does this by deferring crypto capital gains utilizing real estate to both defer taxes and diversify customer portfolios.

While the crypto market is over $500 Billion, the real estate market is estimated at over $3 Trillion. However, with the $163 Billion earned by investors in the last crypto bull run, there were serious tax implications for capital gains. Between the crypto whales, institutional investors, accredited investors, and anyone else with gains, billions were lost to taxes. The team at Bridgecoin Capital has developed a fully regulated process whereby a customer will collateralize their crypto assets into a cash loan while avoiding the transfer capital gains tax, and then will lend the cash into interest-flowing real estate deals.

Joey Billet, co-founder and CEO of Bridgecoin, said of the launch: We are proud and excited to introduce our platform to the crypto community. Our team has identified a key sore spot for successful investors regarding the capital gains tax. With our experience within both industries, we have found a way for investors to defer their crypto gains tax, while simultaneously diversifying their portfolio generating passive income. Our process does not tokenize real estate assets, but borrows our customers crypto while paying a flat rate as interest. Bridgecoin clients can sleep at night knowing their rate of return is locked into tangible real estate assets where their money is safe. This is the power of our newly launched platform.

The Bridgecoin platform is positioned as a regulation-focused model that benefits users from the tax and interest features, but also from the strong and stable platform. All customers undergo KYC, the lending and lockup structure is straightforward, and the collateralized loan guarantees that the return is set in terms of the USD repaid at the end of the lockup period and the APY delivered throughout the process. Bridgecoins launch will ensure crypto gains are put to better use than paying taxes, and in a way that focuses on both transparency and compliance.

About BridgeCoin

The Bridgecoin team is composed of individuals well-versed in both the commercial real estate and cryptocurrency markets. Since 2018 the team has been pursuing the inevitable merger of blockchain technology into the commercial real estate space. Every day there are people investing in non-compliant companies focused on tokenization, or staking their holdings in coins operated by anonymous owners.

As a result, many investors lose their investment due to a breach in code, or a complete liquidation in funds. Bridgecoin has created an opportunity for crypto investors holding unrealized capital gains to lend their holdings into tangible real estate assets that give users all the tax benefits of debt investing that can be found in commercial real estate.

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