Branded Custom NFC Challenge Coins For Fundraiser & Charity Events Launched

This expansion takes advantage of the company’s patented NFC chip technology, which allows their promotional challenge coins to be programmed to serve a wide range of functions. These chip integrations are easy to use and are unique to the Gray Water Ops catalog.

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As part of this expansion, organizations can now create their own promotional coins using the Gray Water Ops design service to promote charity drives or other fundraiser events. The coins can be programmed through the NFC integrations to automatically link to charity websites, Gofundme, or mutual aid funds by passing them over a receiver such as the ones found in most modern smart devices.

The embedded NFC technology makes these coins ideal promotional merchandise for fundraisers given that they can simultaneously promote a brand and bring more traffic to relevant sites. In a study, the coins were shown to be more memorable than business cards or other traditional merchandise, and are more likely to improve donation rates as a result.

The coins can be printed or engraved with high-quality metals and enamel painted into a solid brass casing. The Gray Water Ops catalog features a wide variety of customization options as well, and their design team is willing to work with clients to create a fully personalized product to suit any need.

The company’s design team offers their services for no added charge and will create customized artwork based on customer requests. In the past, they have crafted challenge coins for military and police organizations, sporting events, reunions, and more; a catalog of examples is available to browse on their website. Customers can also submit their own designs, which the team will translate into raised 3D metal designs with enamel fill or options to better suit the coin face.

One client said, “I received the coins yesterday and I couldn’t be more happy. The team nailed the coins and they came out awesome. The feedback from the guys about the designs has been great and I have shown the members coins to a few guys just to see what they thought; the reaction, I will say, made me very proud to have designed it as the team should be to have produced it.”

Gray Water Ops is 100% veteran owned and operated, and are devoted to providing their clients with a quality product in an efficient manner. They take pride in their place in the veterans’ community, and often hold sales to generate donations for aid groups such as the Red Cross.

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