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The latest launch from William Jaksa Criminal Litigation helps clients navigate the complex Canadian criminal law system, providing needed expertise to mount a formidable defence for assault charges. The firm understands the grave repercussions of a guilty verdict and, as such, strives to protect its clients’ rights to a fair hearing and a chance to clear their names.

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The announcement details what clients can expect from William Jaksa’s approach to their assault charges. The criminal lawyer provides legal assistance and advice as well as fights to safeguard the accused individual’s rights while working with them through every stage of the criminal trial process.

Assault causing bodily harm is a mid-range assault offence, a step lower than aggravated assault. It refers to any intentional use of force without consent on another, whether directly or indirectly, as defined by Criminal Code section 267 (b), and carries varying penalties depending on whether it is considered an indictable or summary case by the Crown.

William Jaksa Criminal Litigation’s attorneys use their more than 15 years of litigation experience to craft a strategic defence that counters the prosecutor’s case. Their approach is tailored to provide the best results for the client, including attempts getting the court to dismiss the case entirely.

During the process, William Jaksa and his team will conduct an in-depth investigation to determine the facts of the case. They will negotiate with the police, Crown, and judge all with a view to strengthening their client’s case and putting their client in the best possible position to resolve the case.

Depending on the mitigating or aggravating factors present during the incident, Mr. Jaksa may argue that the client applied reasonable force in self-defence, defence of property, or defence of another person, or that it was a reflexive action–an involuntary response over which the accused has no conscious control. Learn more at

A spokesperson said, “If you have been charged with a criminal code offence in Toronto, it is important to seek a defence attorney as soon as possible. At William Jaksa Criminal Litigation, we have the experience and knowledge to provide strategic legal advice on how to defend against criminal charges. We understand the criminal law process and will help you prepare for your trial.”

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