Bozeman Vacation Home Rental Insurance | Airbnb Owners Short-Term Policy Updated

The newly added plans provide specialized coverage outside of standard home insurance packages. These policies are suitable for vacation property owners and those renting out homes through the Airbnb and Vrbo platforms and include protection against intentional acts of vandalism or theft and liquor liability.

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Proper Insurance’s recently introduced policies also cover owners against lawsuits should guests be injured while on and off the premises. By getting this type of insurance, vacation rental owners and property managers can avoid paying exorbitant repair bills and legal fees.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) says that about five million Americans have a vacation home, a 25% increase since 1989. Most owners use their secondary residences only for a few weeks, renting them out for the rest of the year to generate income.

Regular home insurance plans don’t cover damage or liability that arises when a property is used for business purposes, as is the case with short-term rentals. This can expose vacation rental owners to significant risk, which is why Proper Insurance offers additional coverage that protects their bottom line.

The insurance brokerage’s plans cover all types of properties, including cabins, condominiums, townhouses, and cottages. Clients can also add riders that protect amenities on the premises like golf carts, swimming pools, and kayaks. All packages are provided by Lloyd’s of London, the leader in short-term rental insurance.

Property owners interested in short-term rental home insurance can request a quote online through the broker’s website.

About Proper Insurance

Proper Insurance, which works with clients across all 50 US states, offers niche coverage that fills the gaps in standard home insurance plans. It has received exclusive endorsements from platforms like Vrbo. The company, which carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), has underwritten some 100,000 policies so far.

A satisfied client says: “Being able to provide Proper Insurance as a resource to our vacation rental clients is important, especially for the luxury homes we manage. Many of these owners have specific needs for which Proper Insurance sometimes is the only choice. The service my clients have received has given me peace of mind, knowing their needs are being handled.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the company and its selection of policies.

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