Boys’ Jogging Suit Ideas & Sewing Designs: DIY Arts & Crafts Membership Launched

The popular site currently has over 125 different patterns available to members, with designs for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing available, as well as for arts and crafts projects. Sewing Pattern Secrets adds a new seamstress-devised pattern every month, and this April, the site’s new featured pattern is for a boy’s jogging suit.

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Sewing Pattern Secrets has taken inspiration from the current spring sports season with their latest design, which they believe is perfect for boys of all ages who are participating in spring sports like track and field, golf, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, etc. With early morning and late evening trainings still taking place in cooler weather, Sewing Pattern Secrets believes their new jogging suit is the perfect choice for comfort and light warmth.

Sewing Pattern Secrets has also made their jogging suit versatile enough in style that it can also be worn on school days or for streetwear, tapping into the popular 2023 fashion trend.

The membership platform’s new boys’ jogging suit sewing machine pattern can be easily printed, and it comes with a step-by-step instructions list, material and cuttings list and full garment schematics.

All that is left for a home sewist to do is to have fun shopping with their son, grandson, nephew or younger cousin to pick out the fabrics they like best and to get creative with colors and prints. Taking their cue from the big street fashion brands, Sewing Pattern Secrets suggests, this spring, bright and bold color pop hues are something to try.

All patterns on Sewing Pattern Secrets have been devised by their team of experienced seamstresses, but they have been created with sewists of all levels in mind. As such, to support the beginner sewists who subscribe to their site, they also have online tutorials, lessons, and courses.

Whether a sewist is looking for ideas and inspiration, for new sewing machine patterns, for helpful how-to videos, or for a particularly on-trend, practical and comfortable boys’ jogging suit design, Sewing Pattern Secrets is here to help.

A spokesperson for the ‘do it yourself’ sewing membership platform said, “Sewing Pattern Secrets makes it easy to create clothing for your entire family along with lots of other sewing projects… no matter whether you’re just starting out or you have years of experience.”

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