Boost Your Writing With These 5 Apps

Many talented writers often doubt themselves. Sometimes, this self-doubt compels them to put more effort and improve their writing. But this is not the only reason for making one work on writing skills. Many aspiring writers know their setbacks very well and look for ways to improve.

If you are one of the above kinds, this article is for you. The advancements in technology have bestowed us with amazing apps. These apps help you boost your skills remarkably. But remember that there are no shortcuts to success; self-improvement requires patience and practice. You can opt for essay help online for your assignments to spare some time for building this skillset. Meanwhile, here are five apps to aid you in your writing process.

5 Apps to Enhance Your Writing


Well, it never happens that you search about tools for writing, and “Grammarly” isn’t mentioned. Every writing improvement list is incomplete without this tool. Grammarly has gained a lot of user attraction within a short span. This AI-based writing assistant highlights errors and offers you corrections. Professional copywriters and best essay writing service providers also swear by this tool.

You can use the editor page of the tool or add its plug-in to your browsers. The plug-in helps you identify spelling or grammatical mistakes in your write-ups on the go. This immediate assistance eliminates the need to run a Grammarly scan separately. The premium version of the software also points out flawed sentences and offers suggestions.

When you start using Grammarly, you can see significant changes in the quality of your texts.

Daily Page

Writing requires consistency. When you write daily, your skill improves evidently. But journaling is not everyone’s cup of tea, and a person can’t come with ideas to write every day. The Daily Page app can be a real savior in such scenarios.

The app is developed to help the users create a writing habit. A writing routine is hard to follow in the beginning, but with assistance, you get the motivation to keep going. Daily Page gives you reminders every day, provides writing prompts, and lets you track your progress.

The writing prompts come in handy when you are running out of ideas. In case you feel like going the extra mile, the tool offers a writing course too.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

A good vocabulary tool is a writer’s best friend. How many times have you been stuck with a phrase or an idea but couldn’t find a suitable word for it? OneLook reverse dictionary is meant to have your back in such cases.

This one of its kind dictionary allows you to describe a concept, type in a question or a word, and it will give you a list of related words. This process makes writing a lot more fun and easy. An impressive vocabulary instantly levels up a piece of writing.

750 Words

It is easy to fall back and give in to procrastination when you are in the beginning phase of this new habit. You always have to put in some extra effort to train your mind. And when it comes to writing, there are many proven ways to add this creative pursuit into your routine.

One of the widely advised tricks is to write three pages every morning. Empty ideas out of your head onto the paper and write anything that comes to your mind. The app 750 Words is designed to serve this purpose.

This tool offers a private space for journaling so you can be assured that your content is not available for anyone else to see. It also awards you with points every time you write, and you can compare your performance with other people point-wise.

Another fun part of 750 Words is that it analyzes your words and presents you with various stats about your mindset, feelings, etc. The app encourages you to write more, and, eventually, writing becomes your habit.


We often get ideas at bizarre times throughout the day. The cluster of ideas usually makes it hard to focus, especially when you are trying to organize your thoughts and write. Mind maps are a great tool to organize the disheveled array inside your head.

Popplet is one such platform that allows you to learn and think visually. You jot down different thoughts through maps, charts, trees, and other visuals. You then connect the dots and create a plan accordingly. This process helps you see your ideas clearly and write according to the plan, making it easier to eliminate anything gibberish or irrelevant.

Additional Tips

Writing is a journey that you must enjoy. There are all kinds of writers. Some are just starting out, and some are well-established. You can remarkably improve your skill through consistent learning and practicing regardless of the writing stage you are currently at. Keep the below tips in mind.

  • Write every day, even if you manage to produce only one page.
  • Learn about basic grammar rules and word choice guidelines.
  • Make it a habit to read fiction novels.
  • Read others’ work and analyze their writing styles.
  • Write without any tool and check your score afterward.
  • Proofread your text and try to spot your mistakes.


Writing isn’t a difficult task. If you commit yourself to refining your skillset, you can definitely become a successful writer. Whether you want to write for yourself, or you want the world to read your content with enthusiasm, be assured that you can do it. The above apps will help you throughout your writing journey. Even seasoned writers use these apps frequently. So, what are you waiting for? Browse these apps and get going!

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