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With industry research showing that bad editing is the primary reason for manuscript rejection, the latest service update makes it more likely for writers to achieve their publication goals. The full range of editing services available at ‘Write My Wrongs Co’ features the Basic Edit package, the Premium Edit, and the Ultimate Edit, which includes a final proofread following any changes made to the book.

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Because every book and literary project is different, the newly updated service begins with an initial assessment. This gives the professional editors at the agency a chance to assess the quality of the writing and provide a more customized plan for the author. The editing team will also advise on the most suitable option based on the writer’s goals.

The copy edit service is a word-by-word option that focuses on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This eliminates errors and enables authors to submit a technically accurate manuscript to their agent or publisher of choice.

With its line edit service, ‘Write My Wrongs’ evaluates each sentence to ensure it is engaging and well worded while maintaining the original voice of the author. This provides specific advice that can be used to build a stronger foundation as the writer moves forward with their project.

The developmental edit is the company’s most in-depth solution and features overall story advice that includes detailed suggestions to help writers elevate the quality of their work, tighten their structure, and correct narrative mistakes before the manuscript is delivered. Expert guidance can help with character development, pacing, plotting, and more.

‘Write My Wrongs’ offers accurate, professional services that meet authors at their current position and skill level and help them to reach the next stage of their writing journey.

A recent client said: “From start to finish, I was met with professionalism and kindness. While it seems like this should be a given, in today’s world, it’s a breath of fresh air to be treated with such care. I would 100% recommend Write My Wrongs to anyone who needs a book edited.”

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