Book Series For Personal Transformation For Entrepreneurs By Bahlon Released

The diverse book series has been written for entrepreneurs and other individuals who are looking to discover their inner power and potential, and who are seeking spiritual guidance to achieve their dreams. Bahlon is both the online platform of renowned life coach and spiritual medium Kai Clay and the name of the ancient spiritual entity that Clay draws upon to offer his readers wisdom and clarity.

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Kai Clay’s new book series has been released just ahead of the New Year, a time when people throughout the world reflect on their hopes and dreams for the future, consider their previous successes and failures, and try to reorient their life and become a better version of themselves.

Although what Clay proposes in his book series goes far beyond simple New Year’s resolutions, he feels that the start of a new year is a spiritually active and fertile period in which individuals can begin setting new intentions and engaging in meaningful self-actualization.

Bahlon’s book series contains four different texts, which cover distinct but interconnected ideas. It begins with ‘Bahlon Speaks: Volume 1 Growth by Choice’, in which Clay recounts the teachings of Bahlon from real life private readings and channeling sessions. This inspirational book has been structured and edited to help readers inhabit a growth and change-positive mindset.

The next book, ‘Chaleanda: Healing Through Forming Boundaries’, helps readers to both establish healthy boundaries and to break down inhibiting boundaries in order to create a brighter future. The third book in the series is called ‘True Future: Opening to the Language of Light’, and it extends these threads of growth, choice, and boundaries to help readers open their minds to new spiritual possibilities.

The final book in Kai Clay’s series, ‘Stepping Aside: A Guide To Spiritual Growth’ culminates the teachings of Bahlon that have been espoused in the three prior books. It has easy-to-understand advice and offers easy-to-follow tools to promote success in one’s career, relationships, finances, emotions and life in general.

Kai Clay is a medium and mentor who channels the wisdom of Bahlon, an ancient source of universal wisdom. Their shared work has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox.

A spokesperson for the author and spiritual medium said, “So what would happen if you were able to focus all of your power precisely where you need it most? What would you do first, or second… or even next week to keep moving forward? Bahlon’s books were written to answer all these questions, and more, so you can expand your sense of your own potential.”

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