Book A PCR Test Before Travelling To London

Every passenger entering the United Kingdom must undergo a Covid test, either PCR or antigen, depending on vaccination status, and get a negative outcome. However, the London PCR test has been the most affordable, reliable and accurate COVID-19 test, and is therefor the most commonly available test.

PCR testing is most often utilised for those who have symptoms or who are required to test negative in order to travel. PCR tests are easy to administer, however unlike lateral flow tests that can give results anywhere, a PCR test must be taken to be evaluated in a lab.

With that being said, the majority of people receive their results the same day or the next day due to the competency of the testing providers. There are some cases where it can take up to 2 days to ascertain a result, and this is likely due to a poorly performed test or some form of contamination. You’ll usually receive your test results by email or text within 24 hours of taking your PCR test.

What Is A PCR Test?

PCR is an acronym for a polymerase chain reaction, and this type of test has actually been around for quite some time. The test is used to determine the presence of genetic material in a sample, so it has numerous uses.

Recently PCR tests have been utilised against the spread of Covid. It is a test that is meant to identify the presence of COVID-19 viral genetic material/antigens. The genetic material can be discovered only when a person has been exposed to the virus.

The examination is sensitive enough to identify the viruses in the early stages of the disease since it detects viral RNA (ribonucleic acid) in the organism before illness or resistance appears.

A PCR test is the standard method for establishing whether or not a person is infected. As a result, airlines and governments stand to gain a significant amount of control over the virus’s spread.

How To Book A PCR Test In London

The Covid-19 PCR test is required for fully immunised international visitors visiting London or the rest of the UK from another country not on the Red List. You can follow the instructions given by the test provider and by the airlines themselves.

You can book a PCR test in London here with Randox, who are the UK’s biggest testing provider. They have several testing sites in and around London, as well as at London Heathrow airport, which is the UK’s busiest and most popular airport.

After payment has been received, the registration barcode will be emailed to your email account. On your passenger finding form, you may provide this registration number.

Getting Tested: The Steps

1. Fill out the booking form to schedule a test. It must be completed for each person who will be travelling.

2. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll get a booking reference code on your traveller location form. Take note of this reservation number, which may be copied as a receipt.

3. On Day 2, testing is usually required. All test kits are performed up to 2 days by the testing provider.

4. Follow the directions and take your test on day two or sooner. The testing kit must be activated through the web.

5. Bring the test back to the facility. It can be done for £4 if you use a prepaid postal envelope or for free if you go to one of the mailbox locations. Returning via dropbox is usually recommended to reduce the risk of a mail delay.

After 24 hours of receiving your results from the laboratory, you will get your results through email. By taking a test and following the instructions, we can all stop the virus from spreading.