BOLT Unveils New Product Range in Sports Nutrition

Ahmedabad, Gujarat Dec 15, 2022 ( – BOLT Nutrition announced its new product range in the health and wellness category. BOLT Nutrition is a premium supplement and wellness brand globally trusted by athletes. Its formulations are designed in the USA and manufactured in FDA registered facility. It is the first brand to design patented supplements with Phycocyanin a.ka. #BlueGold.

BOLT Nutrition launched three new products in its range of supplements named EMINOIX, XXTRM, and DOMS. These three are workout supplements that help during training for muscles. Providing Pre-workout, Post-workout, and Intra workout products BOLT Nutrition has created a place in the lives of fitness enthusiasts as their ally. BOLT Nutrition created a whole workout regime with its nutritional supplements.

Quoting the new products, Vikas Kachhadiya, Director, of BOLT Nutrition says, “It is a challenge to bring new and updated products into the market that work with the enthusiast’s routine and it’s a responsibility as a brand to deliver what we promise. I proudly say I have never compromised on quality. With the new products am pretty sure, they will get the same acceptance and will become the ultimate workout partner for all our fitness freaks. Our Research and Development team works day and night to bring the best for sports nutrition. Now all three are ready to revolutionise the fitness industry”

The new products have a set of Intra Workouts and Post Workout Products. BOLT is the first brand to innovate a product that works on DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), EMINOIX and XXTRM are intra-workouts that help the athlete or the fitness enthusiast during the workout.

EMINOIX is the ultimate Intra workout supplement with complete 9 essential amino acids with Glutamine and Electrolytes to enhance muscle synthesis and keep you hydrated during your intense Intra Workouts. The name EMINOIX is given with creative wordplay, with the word amino, essential, and using IX as the roman symbol of nine. This supplement is specifically designed to help you with muscle strength and keep you hydrated.

Neha Kachhadiya, Director, of BOLT Nutrition quotes, “Designing a good product is a core concept of the brand but at the same time giving the user information about what she/he is using is equally important. Considering this whenever we launch a new product we make sure the idea behind the product reaches through the name itself and EMINOIX is just an example to you.”

XXTRM is also a type of intra workout which is an Amino Blast formula that contains GLUTAMINE, an Optimal BCAAs ratio of 2:1:1 (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) with Electrolyte blend for performance driven Amino Blast Formula. It benefits from Instant energy boosters, staying hydrated during an intense workout, Quicker Muscle Recovery, and Enhanced Protein Synthesis.

DOMS is the Ultimate Post Workout which is significantly designed to work on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness it helps for faster muscle recovery and acts as a pain relief after intense workouts.

Varun Kapoor, Director, of BOLT Nutrition says “With every new launch we are enhancing our product family. We are building a wide range of premium products for our athletes and sports enthusiasts. Our motive is to provide the best products which are clinically research-driven and designed with all types of efficient nutrients. We strive to bring more products in the sports nutrition & wellness category.”

The authorities have confirmed that soon they will be launching more products in the coming year. They will be working in the direction of total health and will revolutionise the wellness and lifestyle industry.

Concluding the conversation, Hiren Patel, Marketing & Branding Lead says, “BOLT is ready to fiercely enter the market with these new products and we are pretty confident that the disruption will happen soon. We are the G.O.A.T.”


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