Blue Royal Investments Broker Explains Crypto Market Volatility- Now You Can Safely Invest Without Fear!

London, UK, 14h Feb 2022, Binary News Network, The cryptocurrency craze is on the rise, and it’s not surprising why. Cryptocurrencies are secured by cryptography which makes them secure from hackers–you can’t steal coins or spend someone else’s money if they don’t exist! It also means that these currencies have no central authority; instead, each unit exists as its own private blockchain with verified transactions for the life cycle of the holder(s). As of now, there’re several nations that accept Bitcoinized currency like El Salvadors’ version called “Bitounds.”

Blue Royal Investment broker, Marek Herman, says but there’s a down to it all, cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile because of the factors that affect their price. Governments, regulation, attitude towards them–all these factors put together make cryptocurrency prices change every day, even in drastically different ways.

There are many different types of cryptocurrencies, depending on how they perform and the market cap. For example, there’s Polygon which has recently been gaining popularity in the crypto world; Ethereum classic provides stability while Dodgecoin tends to decrease significantly over time as most other coins do – but still manages some good returns even though it is not as hot compared with others at this moment (though that may change).

The value for bitcoin mining has increased greatly within 2020-2021, thanks largely due to its new high-rate capabilities., but it goes without saying that there are equally great risks involved. Cryptocurrency mining is often compared to buying and selling stock because the currency value changes over time. The key difference between stock and cryptocurrency is that you can’t go into a shop and use coins directly–you need to buy them from someone who already owns them (in exchange for your currency of choice).

The greatest thing about cryptocurrency marketplaces like Crypto trade is the fact that they let users sell data anonymously; this means no previous knowledge or skills are required before jumping in. The downside for many people, though, is the fact that investing in cryptocurrencies has a really steep learning curve, even though it still makes a ton of sense for beginners. They’re set up to be extremely difficult for users to grasp, especially when it comes down to learning how blockchain mining actually works.

Cryptos that are going to be profitable in 2022:

SENA Group

The SENA Group has many different activities, such as construction, dredging for water provisioning services in developing countries with their own fleet that provides clean drinking water solutions to homes across India while also producing defense equipment/component manufacture, etc., On presale phase 1, BNB =1 000 000 sennits which mean they are worth almost nothing now but will increase exponentially over time until 2022. Analysts predict an explosion!!!!


HubCoin is a new cryptocurrency that allows gamers to have an even better experience. The token incorporates smart contract technology into the gaming world, where users can trade their earnings from playing games with others online or in-person at physical locations called “hubs.” Gaming has always been about having fun – but it’s also important for people who play these types of video/computerized console titles, so they’re fairly compensated too!

By eliminating the need for any middleman, gamers are fairly rewarded and able to show off their abilities through NFTs on Hubber. The platform also adds value by providing a market that was previously missing in games like these, where players can get paid without having an expert sitting next to them or across from them all day long telling stories while they play!


This project aims to revolutionize the global lottery industry by decentralizing it with blockchain technology. The main idea here, as mentioned above in our summary statement (and according to them), allows anyone anywhere at any time to play lotteries without having to go through an operator or have anything set up themselves; all gaming functions governing player eligibility and integrity are carried out via smart contracts which makes sure that every game played on this platform has true authenticity and! Transparency.

Unitus Coin

The Unitus project has set out to create a digital currency that can be used by everyone, everywhere. Their main goal is to develop this into one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies across the globe through an active decentralization process that helps provide it with real utility – i.e., you can actually spend them on something meaningful! The point here is not only about convenience but also security; all information regarding transactions is stored within blockchain technology which means there’s no chance for any fraudulent activity or anything else like that once the payment method is approved for use.

Shiba Inu

The digital currency Shiba Inu has been one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies this year. It started off August 2020 at just $0, and by November 2021, it hit highs around 40 million dollars! The rise seems almost uncanny with how fast these prices went up–in less than 12 months’ time, they’ve generated gains close to 90%.

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