Blockchain Real Estate Assets 2023: NFTs Backed By Real World Property Launch

The CEBIA NFTs (Crypto Exponentials Blockchain Income Accelerator NFTS) are tied to real-world assets in the BIaaS (Blockchain Infra as a Service) network, with each token representing a physical piece of the decentralized infrastructure chain. This project seeks to bolster the DePIN network that Crypto Exponentials has been building for several years by marrying individual pieces of the network to on-chain equivalents.

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These new NFTs are paired to, and consequently are representative of, pieces of the larger DePIN network such as mining and storage modules, physical pieces of hardware, distributed gaming networks, cloud infrastructure, and more.

CEBIA NFTs have been created to engage the community and focus broad-scale efforts on the future of the Crypto Exponentials DePIN network, from the initial build to future scaling requirements.

The utility of CEBIA NFTs can further be extended to the Crypto Exponentials DAO portfolio encompassing advisory, education, and research services, all of which will now have a variety of tokenized assets attached to them.

The DePIN at large is intended to act as a check against what is largely considered a barrier to a truly decentralized system: the hosting and control of the physical assets necessary to maintain a robust blockchain network.

The company explained, “The genesis of the initiative is to provide decentralized infrastructure to leading and startup blockchain networks in a blockchain-infra-as-a-service model. Decentralized networks need decentralized resources. But [DePINs] are still immature. CEBIA NFT is aiming to fill the gap with building and scaling true decentralized blockchain networks.”

This new network is additionally intended to offer the broader crypto community a more transparent look at the structure of the system that Crypto Exponentials is building. By tying the physical structure of their blockchain ecosystem to on-chain assets, they are allowing their community to understand exactly what is being done behind the scenes and why.

Crypto Exponentials carries this principle of transparency throughout the many projects they are currently engaged in. Those who may have further questions regarding the structure or operation of this new DePIN can schedule a call through the tool on their website.

Recently, Crypto Exponentials has also launched a complimentary newsletter to provide curated intelligence based on fundamental, technical, and on-chain analysis.

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