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Blockchain News – Bit Game Verse Is Now On BNB Blockchain Decentralized Exchange

Blockchain News – Bit Game Verse Is Now On BNB Blockchain Decentralized Exchange.Bit Game Verse is trending decentralized exchange platform on a BNB blockchain. What is Bit Game Verse (BGV)? It is a peer-to-peer marketplace in which the transactions occur directly between the crypto traders. BGV will be one of the Dubai Expo Event participant in October 2022.

BGV, as the name suggests, encompasses the popular “money heist” concept in the gaming pool with all the fun characters and the super feel! The characters of “Professor, Tokyo, Berlin and more” are going to help you in completing the tasks assigned in the central bank and points are awarded in terms of cryptocurrency on the same platform. The DEX run portal would not let you down and ensures to fulfil crypto’s one core possibility of fostering transactions which are not officiated by banks, brokers, or any other intermediary. All the clients could earn in a way that instead of matching buy orders and sell orders, the smart contracts of these decentralized exchanges use pre-funded pools of assets known as liquidity pools. The pools are funded by other users who are then entitled to the transaction fees that the protocol charges for executing trades on that pair.

Cryptocurrency has been one of the most trending channels of earning passive income. They have entangled the fun of gaming with the art of buying and selling online currency. BVG has been developed with an idea of giving an exposure to the ones who hold a great talent in hosting or conducting games and winning coupons online. These coupons or rewards could be materialized by dumping them in one’s wallet directly. Their experts thought of incorporating this system with the online currency to match the ongoing trends. It is done with an intention of making one earn more and more while one deal with zeal of playing the fun games online. They all are aware of the series “money heist” which has won our hearts since its inception. This is the reason they have picked its pattern, theme and characters to serve one with the best ever online gaming portal, known as Bit Game Verse!

All about binance chain wallet: Though many wallets are supported by BGV, the binance chain is one among the leading ones. Binance chain wallet is the Official crypto wallet with an access to the binance smart chain, binance chain, etherium. One can use this wallet to safely store our crypto and connect to ongoing projects all around the world. As a Blockchain enthusiasts, one should consider going for live physical events, one such event just finished recently was – Expo Asia Event in Singapore for Blockchain Industry. BG Verse HashTag on Facebook.

One of the biggest sponsor of this event – SBG Global from India represented by its Founder CEO – Anil Yadav who would be at the event that is upcoming in early October is Dubai Expo Event. This big event is schedule in UAE – Crypto Expo Dubai on 5th & 6th of Oct 2022 Video Link

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