BitUA, A New Ukranian Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces Private Round

BitUA, an ukranian cryptocurrency exchange is set to raise a private round for its utility token, $BitUA in February.

February 9,2023 – BitUA, a Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange, plans to launch a private round for its native token, $BitUA, on February 20th. BitUA’s native token, $BitUA, serves a variety of functions in the BitUA ecosystem and would play a significant role in its expansion. The private round would begin as a private round for a small group of people before being opened up to the public much later. The BitUA exchange’s main benefit is that 50% of all trading commissions will be donated to Ukraine. Traders can help Ukrainian soldiers by actively using the BitUA exchange. Users will be able to trade their preferred cryptocurrencies while also automatically assisting Ukrainian soldiers. This is also the first Ukrainian public cryptocurrency exchange founded by Ukrainian developers. BitUA aims to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption in Ukraine and to use cryptocurrency as a humanitarian cause by using its trading volume to support Ukrainian soldiers.

In addition, BitUA plans to launch their own launchpad to assist other cryptocurrency developers and project founders in Ukraine. The $BitUA private round will also take place on the native launchpad. As a token of appreciation to the community, there is also an airdrop campaign in which users can participate and earn free $BitUA. The top 50 referrals would each receive $10,000 $BitUA, and 4,500 people would be chosen at random for a prize pool of $1,000 $BitUA. These tokens will be distributed following the conclusion after listing.

On Binance Smart Chain, $BitUA is a BEP-20 standard token. The private round would start at $0.01, with a minimum buy-in of $100 BUSD and a maximum of $1000 BUSD. After the private rounds, there would be an IDO. $BitUA would be announced as tradable at the appropriate time on BitUA official media channels.

Contact the following channels for more information on $BitUA and how to participate in the private round and airdrop campaigns:





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