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Bitteks Broker Says The Federal Reserve is expected to signal that it may reduce its stimulus program later this year, contributing to a rise in US stocks

London, UK, 4th Oct 2021, – 


Investors were shown to be less worried about the recent market trends according to one of Bitteks broker. The reason that stocks finished with a significant gain on Wednesday was that investors appeared to be more relieved than worried about recent market trends. It’s also worth noting that the Federal Reserve issued their policy statement which was generally in line with expectations. This helped stocks recapture some of the lost ground they had previously incurred earlier in trading session before closing at unusually high levels for such an established event.

What Made The Investors Jittery?

Bitteks broker says that investors were jittery when the Federal Reserve signaled that they would soon begin to wind down their purchases of government bonds, but stocks quickly rebounded as this move was seen by many investors as a good sign. He said that the S&P 500 ended up 0.95% higher for its best daily gain since late July following news on interest rates and economic growth.

The yield on the 10-year Treasury note declined slightly to 1.30%, suggesting that investors didn’t see Fed announcements as a reason for radical changes in interest rate expectations.

However, he says much of market strength had little to do with these decisions and instead came from relief following information released about China Evergrande’s payment due Thursday which led many people to believe they may default or have financial trouble soon after trading opened today.

As Evergrande’s announcement, Wednesday also set off a rally in commodities markets, which have been jittery about the state of China’s economy. Copper and energy prices both rose strongly as investors responded positively to this news; they helped contribute heavily towards lifting shares for providers within these industries too! Oil stocks were some of the best performing sectors today–a result largely owed by rising oil production from countries like OPEC member Iran who just announced plans earlier today at cartel meetings held there over recent days.

According to the broker, the stocks that are likely to profit from another round of federal spending rose on hopes for passage after the House voted late Tuesday night, passing an infrastructure bill with a Democratically controlled government. 

What Will The Fed Do Now?

Bitteks broker expects the Federal Reserve to signal that it may reduce its stimulus program later this year, contributing to a rise in US stocks. The Fed’s policy committee will end its two-day meeting on Wednesday. The meeting’s minutes will be published later in the day, which may provide additional clues on when the Federal Reserve intends to begin slowing its $85 billion of bond purchases per month.

What Are The Implications Of This? How Will It Affect Me?

Bitteks broker says that, while this may boost stocks for the stock market in general it may not be the best news for everyone. Bitteks Broker warns investors that should stimulus begin winding down later this year, interest rates are likely to rise and that could eventually lead to some problems for stock markets and individual stocks. He says that new investment opportunities could also arise if the Federal Reserve begins to reduce its purchases of mortgage-backed securities, but that will likely occur at a much slower pace than for government bonds.

Furthermore, he believes that the stimulus has helped many companies and industries post higher profits while interest rates remain low, but that they will most likely start to shrink if interest rates begin rising.

What’s The Forecast?

Bitteks broker concludes by saying that the Federal Reserve signaled that it may reduce its stimulus program later this year, contributing to a rise in US stocks. He says he expects these announcements will lead to another round of federal spending which will help lift stocks moving forward. This increased stock movement should naturally lead to a higher demand for these companies on the market.


Bitteks broker says that stocks rose on expectations that the Federal Reserve may start to wind down its $85 billion of bond purchases per month later this year, boosting prospects for the economy.

Bitteks broker says that while this may not be great news for everyone, it is definitely good news for stock markets in general. It will likely help them continue to rise over the next few days and weeks until the Federal Reserve does decide to start slowing its monetary stimulus.

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