BitMax Now Provides Multilingual Services to All Traders

London, UK. – With cryptocurrency becoming a common and attractive trading venue around the globe, Reputed trading agency BitMax has announced that its services will now be granted on a multilingual basis. This move comes after the brand has successfully introduced itself to the German market, yielding very high demand for its services. Currently, a Spanish interface has been added as well, with plans to expand to other languages. The brand has stated that further information will be provided on that matter in the near future.

“The desire to reap the fruits, currently produced by the cryptocurrency market, exists worldwide,” explained Bitmax’s spokesperson, “so we see no reason to limit our attractive offer  to English speakers only. On the contrary – we are seeing rising interest in our services all around the world. We’ve successfully broken through to the German speaking market. Now we intend to do the same with the Spanish one, and in the future, the sky’s the limit.”

Not just about language

High market volatility is the main cause for increased interest in leading cryptocurrencies, but it’s also why people who desire to take part in crypto trade need to make sure they truly understand how it works before risking their funds. In that sense, providing services for multilingual crowds is much more than just translating content to different languages. It’s also about getting to know the mentality of different sectors, as well as tailoring different offers to their needs and customs.

“We’ve been doing a lot of research on how trading works in Spanish speaking countries around the world,” added the spokesperson. “The new website is a result of a lengthy period of time of investigation and analysis, and that’s why we’re sure Spanish speakers will find it ideal – just like our German customers did, just a few months ago.” According to the company, all services in other languages will be provided with no extra charge, regardless of initial investment made by the customer or geographic location.

About BitMax

With a proprietary trading platform, constructed by the most qualified experts in the field, it is understandable how Bitmax has become a popular source for cryptocurrency trading and investment worldwide. The company boasts the highest levels of encryption and information security existing, ensuring client funds are kept safe at all times and under all conditions. The platform can be used on all types of devices, with different operating systems. BitMax also promises 24/6 support service, granted by technical and financial professionals. This is in addition to the personal account managers and brokers, also at traders’ disposal and with vast knowledge on how the cryptocurrency market works.