Biotech Firm Verdant Nature Announces Industry Disruptive VN-SNEDDS Nutraceutical Delivery System

Verdant Nature, a biotechnology venture (VN) announces the launch of its revolutionary VN-SNEDDS(TM) Self-Nanoemulsifying Dietary Delivery System ingredients, poised to revolutionize the 150-billion-dollar dietary supplement industry with first-in-class Active Nutraceutical Ingredients (“ANI’s”).

For the past 70 years there have been many attempts to enhance the efficacy of supplements with various processing strategies, including liposomes, developed in the 1960s. However, the reliability of this technique has been shown to be suboptimal. “The accomplishments of yesterday won’t be sufficient for the world of tomorrow.” states Carl Germano, CNS, CDN, Vice President of Verdant Nature, “To solve the problem of poor bioavailability and accessibility to cells, VN scientists developed a state-of-the-art self-nanoemulsifying dietary delivery system (VN-SNEDDS(TM)), designed to improve solubility, intestinal absorption, metabolic transport and cellular uptake of bioactive compounds.”

Verdant’s proprietary VN-SNEDDS(TM) technology offers clean-label solutions to answer the call of consumers for more effective dietary supplements. Mr. Germano is dedicated to conducting a national education and awareness campaign to address this pivotal technology and the issue of consumers wasting their money on dietary supplement ingredients that cannot be utilized in the body. According to Germano “The issue of nutrients with poor bioavailability and accessibility to cells has limited the industry for decades. Clinically relevant dietary ingredients, such as resveratrol, berberine, thymoquinone, NAC, and quercetin have well-known poor bioavailability. Astonishingly, many are less than 1% available to cells of the body.” To address this critical problem, VN has launched a line of nutraceuticals with cutting-edge VN-SNEDDS(TM) technology demonstrating impressive increases in bioavailability such as a 4800% increase in Resveratrol accessibility to cells.”

VN’s disruptive IP unlocks the potential of clean label, custom designed, water dispersible and highly bioavailable Active Nutraceutical Ingredients (ANI’s) that are taste-neutral and odorless— an ideal solution for convenient delivery formats preferred by consumers like gummies, shots, beverages, strips and melts, in addition to capsules, tablets and softgels. Given that bioavailability and cell accessibility are key performance indicators that support health and longevity, let’s leverage innovation to drive towards a healthier future. VN-SNEDDS makes every milligram count!

About Carl Germano, CNS, CDN

Carl Germano, CNS, CDN, is a NY Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Vice President of Verdant Nature/Verdant Oasis. He holds a master’s degree in clinical nutrition from New York University and is a veteran of the industry, having overseen product development for some of the nation’s largest supplement companies for over four decades. He has been instrumental in introducing advanced nutritional products and ingredients to multiple markets, including dietary supplements, medical foods and functional beverages.

Germano states “My ongoing work with the Verdant Nature team is the high point of my career and a privileged opportunity to transform the natural products industry by applying Verdant’s breakthrough VN-SNEDDS IP. It is this technology that is responsible to transform many poorly bioavailable nutraceuticals into highly soluble, bioavailable, and permeable actives to the cells of the body. Verdant’s advanced cellular delivery system takes dietary supplements to the next level by maximizing the efficacy of nutraceutical ingredients, many of which have single digit bioavailability“.

With an impressive portfolio of best-selling trade books, including “The Misled Athlete”, “Natures Pain Killers”, “The Osteoporosis Solution”, “The Brain Wellness Plan” and his most recent title, “Road To Ananda: The Simple Guide To The Endocannabinoid System, Phytocannabinoids & Your Health”, this prolific author has also served as Chief Science Officer for Inergetics, Inc., Vice President of Product Development & Research for Solgar Vitamin & Herb Company, Nutratech, and Country Life Vitamins, in addition to consulting for Ajinomoto and Bluebonnet Nutrition. Carl has also lectured extensively, a regular guest on radio programs, and was previously the Nutrition Therapy Practitioner at the Center for Nutrition Therapy in New York.

According to Carl, “Bioavailability matters for health and longevity…Make every milligram count.”

About Verdant Nature

Verdant Nature is a biotechnology venture developing next-level scientific solutions for healthy aging and whole-body metabolic health. Their biocompatible clean-label nutraceutical delivery system is the first of its kind to be independently validated with the most current bioavailability test methods used by pharma to prove delivery of products to the bloodstream, the brain and soon to the mitochondria.

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