Bioavailable Oxygen Spray For Back To School Kids To Clear Nasal Debris Launched

Containing bio-available stabilized active oxygen safe and gentle enough for children of any age, the new spray can be used by students to cleanse nasal tissues before and after attending school, or at times when they are most likely to come into contact with toxins, allergens, and pollutants.

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Alongside bioavailable liquid oxygen, the new formula is infused with zinc and selenium, two trace minerals that are known to enhance immune function and help the body combat bacterial replication. Iamoxygen recommends delivering a single spray into each nostril, morning and night, for optimal effect.

Defender Nasal Hygiene Therapy spray is a 100% organic, plant-based spray that works to reduce excess mucus and aid respiration, as well as soothe irritation or inflammation.

Iamoxygen champions the use of natural ingredients and ethical business practices. The company has formulated the Defender spray based on research into how delivering daily doses of purified oxygen into the nasal cavities can dispel dust and create a hyper-oxygenated environment that destroys anaerobic, illness-causing toxins. In combination with minerals that improves the health of the nasal microbiome, the spray reduces the spread of pathogens and rejuvenates the mucus membranes that form the first line of defense against disease.

Free from hydrogen peroxide and other synthetic chemicals, the spray is safe to administer to children to support their nasal hygiene throughout the school day.

Iamoxygen believes that daily nasal hygiene should be equally as important for children as hand-washing and teeth-brushing, particularly for those living in cities where pollution levels are high. Equally, children who attend school in rural areas or who spend time around pets can benefit from the spray’s cleansing properties, as it can dispel allergen particles that collect inside the nostrils and cause irritation.

Producing its entire range of oxygen therapy products in a US-based GMP facility, Iamoxygen is committed to offering sprays and infusions utilizing organically sourced formulas to those that care about the health of their children and of the environment. By fully replacing packaging and containers with hemp-based products, the brand is making strides toward becoming a plastic-free brand, with a projected completion date of 2025.

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