Bio-Oxidative Nose Hygiene Spray For Moisturizing Dry Nasal Passages Launched

Defender, the new bio-oxidative infusion is gentle enough to be used by children and adults alike, combining organically-sourced minerals with 350,000 ppm of active oxygen molecules.

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IamOxygen’s new fast-acting, family-friendly nasal spray can be used to clear nasal passages, as well as to moisturize the mucus membranes that often become inflamed when exposed to cold temperatures and dry air.

Safe for the whole family, Defender is ideal for parents who have noticed their children are experiencing dryness and irritation after spending time in the cold outdoors during the winter months. Winter dryness can be aggravated by pollutants, germs, and dust that collect in the nasal passages, in addition to anaerobic toxins.

The pH-balancing infusion combats these irritants by filling the nostrils and sinuses with oxygen and dispelling toxic particles that could otherwise cause disease and infection. The active oxygen molecules are stabilized in purified saline using a proprietary, chemical-free method.

The alternative health brand recommends the oxygen spray be added to daily childcare routines to enhance immune function during cold and flu season. Defender should be sprayed into children’s nostrils up to three times a day to optimize their nasal hygiene and maintain their health. Infused with zinc and selenium, the spray can also boost immune function and reduce bacterial replication that leads to inflammation and itching.

Moreover, the naturally-derived ingredients work in harmony to neutralize free radicals in the skin and sinus tissues. Alongside alleviating winter dryness, Defender can calm swelling and discomfort after nasal surgery or nose piercings, as well as relieve symptoms of colds, flu, or rhinitis.

The vegan and cruelty-free skincare and internal health brand adheres to stringent quality controls when producing its oxygen therapy products at its US-based GMP facility. The nasal hygiene spray offers daily defense from pollutants and dust, as well as a pre-emptive measure against disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

A satisfied customer said, “I started using this product 3 times a day when COVID-19 hit. I haven’t had so much as a common cold. I have used other saline solutions to keep my nose clean but this product takes my health to a new level. They say everything starts in the nose so keep it clean.”

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