Billing Platform PayKickstart Announces Crypto Payment Solutions For E-commerce

The new feature will introduce cryptocurrency payment integrations from Coinbase into the PayKickstart selection of payment options and will be available for all digital or physical transactions. Businesses will soon be able to accept cryptocurrency and fiat payments through the same central app.

This expansion builds on PayKickstart’s existing infrastructure, which in the past has allowed clients to manage digital subscription programs for their customers and partners. These automated tools will soon integrate directly with existing Coinbase accounts to provide seamless access to crypto accounts at checkout.

“Our new Coinbase integration unlocks a new generation of digital commerce, keeping up with growing demands of customers wanting to pay using cryptocurrencies,” said PayKickstart co-founder Mark Thompson.

While PayKickstart has already implemented Coinbase integration for their affiliate program payout system, they plan to expand this access given the past success of these tools. The integrations included in this update will provide businesses with the tools needed to accept crypto payments directly from Coinbase in a B2C setting.

PayKickstart has taken this step as it noticed that customers who are inclined to use cryptocurrency may not make a purchase if the business does not accept blockchain payments – and they are likely to spend up to 40% more than those using fiat currency, making them a valuable market for many.

The service allows businesses to accept crypto payments and process refunds and chargebacks. Additionally, given the nature of blockchain technology as a worldwide payment tool, these integrations can be used to significantly lower international transaction fees.

PayKickstart can also assist businesses during tax season, as crypto payments are notoriously difficult to report properly to the IRS. They provide the analytic features necessary to track and report crypto tax liability, import, and VAT taxes – alongside the additional accounting features available through their platform.

This expansion will allow businesses to accept many of the most popular decentralized currencies currently on the market, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and more. PayKickstart has already processed nearly 5 million transactions for 10,000 businesses, and this expansion will allow it to do the same for the emerging blockchain market.

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