BigBitMarket Broker Unveils The Latest Information On Cryptos And Talks About GameCoin In Detail.

Crypto had a difficult November as tax reporting rules, and COVID news pulled prices down with it. In this climate, we are seeing more people interested in metaverse projects like Web3 or smart contracts, which were not so impacted by market fluctuations over the last few months due to their slower growth rates than new coins that just came out of nowhere without any prior history behind them (such as sports tokens).

So, if you are looking for the next big thing, I might have something right here for you. This is about a new crypto token specially created to cater to gamers and game developers. So, it’s got all the chances of turning into another Etheroll or Matchpool by combining some major game development sectors in one coin. It has the potential to do for the game industry what Bitcoin has done for money.

BigBitMarket broker Marek Herman says the name of this new crypto-token is GameCoin (GMC), and it will be used as a payment system for in-game purchases, rewards, and tips within the gaming community. It will also serve as a funding mechanism for game developers who want to create new and innovative gaming experiences.

GameCoin is based on the Ethereum platform, and it will be using the ERC20 standard. This means that it will be compatible with all Ethereum-based applications. The ICO for GameCoin is set to start on December 15, 2017 and will last for one week. So, if you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this project, make sure you mark that date in your calendar.

Now let’s take a closer look at what GameCoin has to offer gamers and game developers.

For gamers, GameCoin will provide a secure and convenient way to make in-game purchases. It will also serve as a means of exchange for rewards and tips within the gaming community. And for game developers, GameCoin will provide a new way to fund their projects and create innovative gaming experiences.

So, as you can see, GameCoin has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing a payment system that is convenient and secure for gamers and a funding mechanism that is convenient and secure for game developers.

Livepeer (LPT)

The next generation of the internet is here, and it’s not dependent on just a few companies–the term “Web3” refers to these decentralized technologies. There are many projects which aim at decentralizing how we store, share, or monetize information; some examples include IPFS for storing data across different nodes in order to achieve greater security than traditional databases (because there isn’t any central point vulnerable enough), while others work towards empowering users instead of through micro-transactions where they can sell small bits as opposed large chunks like Facebook does now.

The issue with most of these projects is that they are difficult to use or understand for the average person. This is where Livepeer comes in–Livepeer is a platform that allows anyone to broadcast live video content without having to worry about the technical side of things.

Livepeer uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and decentralized infrastructure for broadcasting live video content.

The idea is to enable everyone to broadcast live video content through a decentralized peer-to-peer network that is similar to BitTorrent–i.e., viewers will be able to send funds as small tips or comments while watching live broadcasts just like on Twitch, but this time, the money will actually go directly to the creator of the content instead of a middleman.

Livepeer’s decentralized network of transcoding nodes that turn the creator’s (source) video stream into different qualities and formats will be rewarded with Livepeer tokens (LPT). These tokens can later be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges.

So, if you like to broadcast live or watch live broadcasts, you’ll love Livepeer. Imagine a platform where people can watch live broadcasts from the Star Wars galaxy, explore the depths of the ocean or see real-time footage from war zones in Syria–the possibilities are endless. The decentralized nature of this platform makes it very secure and reliable.

Livepeer is set to launch their Alpha in early 2018, so keep a lookout for that if you want to try out the platform.

Iconomi (ICN)

Iconomi is a digital asset management platform that allows anyone from beginners to experts to invest in and manage diverse sets of digital assets. In other words, ICONOMI provides the tools and security which enables everyone from beginners to blockchain experts to invest in digital assets.

ICONOMI is a platform that allows anyone to invest in and manage a portfolio of digital assets.

The premise is simple–you deposit your funds into the ICONOMI platform, and then you can use those funds to buy into different digital asset management “pools”. These pools are managed by experienced investors and blockchain experts who make their best attempt to invest in and manage the different digital assets that exist out there.

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