BigBitMarket Broker Talks About The Uncertainty In Cryptos And Gives Some Worth Noting Coins For December

The Crypto market in December 2021 has been cut in half, with Bitcoin dropping down to $5000! This is the end of Crypto, says Benjamin Phillips, broker from BigBitMarket. The FUD around Tether and Bitfinex continues to grow, with the South Korean Government banning all forms of cryptocurrency trading. USDT has fallen off a cliff along with all cryptocurrencies. With no one wanting to touch Crypto with a 10ft barge pole, it leaves us in an awkward position where most coins are at their fundamental price.

Litecoin is left unscathed throughout this blood bath because of its function as ‘the silver to bitcoin’s gold. As Bitcoin falls, Litecoin follows it up due to the close nature of their correlation, thus falling just short of touching $100 December 2021. Will I still be saying this in December 2021? Who knows, but for now, it seems as though Litecoin has found a new floor and is here to stay.

Other than that, there are some other cryptocurrencies that are worth noting.

Elrond (EGLD):

Elrond has been one of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies this year, and it isn’t just because they are part of a growing list. With their faster speed compared to Ethereum as well as cheaper costs for transaction processing than its counterpart; Elrond has quickly become a popular choice among many projects looking into alternatives on where best placed within cryptocurrency landValueP Russian Miner coin(RUM coins), which is why we’ve got you covered with all things related here at ValuePress!

Elrond is a company that has recently announced the launch of their $1.29 billion liquidity incentive program for investors who stake EGLD and MEX, which are both tokens on Maiar DEX DeFi Platforms’ utility & governance blockchains.

-This offer makes Elrondscoin worth watching in December because it will likely lead other coins to move into this space as they compete with one another. I believe you should keep an eye on this token as it’s just about to explode.

10M Token (10MT)

The Biggest Utility Token Sale of 2019 Is About to Start; get Ready For 10MT! The $30 billion Gaming Industry is About to Embrace Blockchain!

Projects like Elrond and EOS are good examples of coins that can definitely benefit from staking programs that help increase investor holdings while rewarding them with profits. If we were in a bull market, then there would be no doubt that Elrond would be skyrocketing considering how more and more people want to catch the next crypto hype train and for a good reason. However, markets aren’t exactly bullish right now, so it remains to be seen whether Elrond can really break out and hit new highs.

Chiliz (CHZ)

Chiliz is a cryptocurrency aimed at sports enthusiasts who want to get involved in their favourite teams by buying fan tokens through its platform, voting on decisions like celebration songs or messages emblazoned across the captain’s armband, and other social media activities as well win rewards such as VIP behind-the-scenes access signed memorabilia, meet n’ greets experiences among others.

Chiliz is one of the most interesting and exciting coins right now. Not only does it have a new NFT offer, but Chiliz also partnered with Crypto games this month on an exclusive live token drop during AC Milan vs AS Roma soccer match! This was our first taste for what will be coming soon in-game drops based on real-time actions that’ll make these limited-edition digital assets worth your while if you collect them all or trade-up quickly before they’re gone.

-This is a huge development for the Chiliz brand and one that will likely see more partnerships in the future as they try to corner the sports market.

Be sure to keep an eye on Chiliz as it makes its way up the charts!

Lastly, don’t put all your eggs in one basket! It’s true that cryptocurrency can be an excellent investment, but it also carries high risks. Before investing any funds you’re not willing to lose–or won’t contribute more than 10% of what you earn from now on-to research coins carefully and make decisions with eyes wide open; so, take note: never invest money that will bring down the value if things go wrong (because let’s face it… investments don’t always pan out).

All in all, the market is looking pretty bleak right now but don’t lose hope just yet! There are still some good projects out there that will likely do well in a bull market.

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