Beverly Hills Teeth In One Day: Immediate Teeth With No Bone Grafting Launched

The new All-On-4 plus same-day teeth service launched by Anacapa Dental Art Institute uses advanced technology, surgical techniques, and materials to provide clients with a complete set of functioning teeth in a single visit while requiring no bone grafts or dental impressions.

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Using a new technique that places each implant at a specific angle, the All-On-4 plus procedure has been shown to provide a sturdier base for teeth, while also eliminating the need for bone grafts. Though same-day teeth are not a new service, this new technique provides several improvements that make the process more comfortable and offer longer-lasting results.

With the All-On-4(TM) technique, four implants are commonly enough to hold a client’s dentures in place, but the surgical team is known for placing additional implants when required, at no additional cost to the client. In some cases, clients may receive up to six implants, though this will be at the discretion of the surgeon, based on their individual needs.

Anacapa Dental Art Institute completes the entire process “in-house,” at their on-site lab, and clients are never required to visit a second location. The on-site lab also allows clients to access technology not commonly available at the dentist’s office.

One example is an intra-oral scanner, which can get a complete 3D scan of a client’s teeth and gums, without using traditional dental impressions. Though it is extremely unlikely for a client to lose a tooth to a dental impression, this new scanning technology completely eliminates the risk and makes the entire process touchless.

While this scanner is used for all clients of the All-On-4 plus same-day teeth procedure, it is particularly helpful for elderly clients and those suffering from substance abuse issues, or other complications that can cause excessively loose teeth. The surgical team also has access to a high-end CT Scanner, and a 3D Face Scanner, and combines data from each scanner to optimize the placement of every implant.

The Anacapa Dental Art Institute also offers a full range of normal and cosmetic dentistry procedures, as well as sedation options for clients with complex procedures, or a fear of the dentist.

More information about the All-On-4 plus implant technique, Anacapa Dental Art Institute, and the in-house dental lab can be found at

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