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With its enhanced service, electrical contractor helps homeowners ensure that their home’s electrical supply is effectively managed. By using Zoom Electricians’ panel repairs service, clients can protect their appliances from damage caused by blackouts and prevent electrical fires.

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The updated service is particularly suitable for Beverly Hills residents with circuit breakers that are regularly tripping out. Other warning signs of electrical panel trouble include popping noises, frayed wires, and exceedingly hot breakers, which signal the need for a replacement or repair by an experienced specialist.

National power usage in 2021 alone totaled 3.93 trillion kWh – 13 times more compared to the 1950s. This sharp increase is caused primarily by the proliferation of electrical appliances, including heavy power users like HVAC systems.

While people keep adding appliances to their homes, they often neglect to update their electrical boxes. This results in periodic power outages when the panel overloads, an issue that can cause a multitude of bigger problems.

Zoom Electricians can add more circuit breakers to increase the power load a home can handle. Likewise, it can rewire panels to redistribute power usage, which stops tripped breakers. If needed, the team can also relocate the electrical box to a less humid area to enhance safety.

The team offers an emergency repair service and charges no additional fees on weekends and holidays.

Local homeowners looking to repair their panels or upgrade to a box that complies with the latest power efficiency requirements can book a service session online with Zoom Electricians for greater convenience.

About Zoom Electricians

Zoom Electricians is a leading contractor that prioritizes safety, security, and customer satisfaction. In addition to electrical panels, the company also repairs and replaces fire alarms, lighting systems, power outlets, and electric vehicle chargers. The company serves the entirety of Los Angeles County and nearby areas, including the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, North Hollywood, San Clemente, and Thousand Oaks.

A satisfied client says, “Thanks to your electrician for accomplishing the job excellently! I was delighted when Zoom Electricians sent one of its fully trained and licensed technicians to help me with a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. The service was fast and complete. I will definitely hire this team again.”

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