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Clients can access a complete range of cosmetic dental procedures at Anacapa Dental Art Institute, including whitening, veneers, Invisalign clear aligners, and the newly announced All-on-4 plus same-day dental procedure, performed by Dr. Jivraj.

More information about the expanded procedures from Dr. Jivraj, Anacapa Dental Art Institute, and the All-on-4 technique can be found at

With its expanded range of cosmetic and restorative dental services, Anacapa Dental Art Institute can provide fully implanted, functioning, and realistic-looking teeth, that can be used with no delay. The entire process is handled on-site, in a single day, to help each client minimize the time spent without their teeth.

The procedure is performed by Dr. Jivraj, the founder of Anacapa Dental Art Institute, and author of a clinician’s guide specific to the All-on-4 procedure, “Graftless Solutions For The Edentulous Patient.” Dr. Jivraj has more than 20 years of experience and teaches global dental seminars on how to perform the All-on-4 implant procedure.

While the advanced procedure may not be suitable for all clients, Anacapa Dental Art Institute has included a simple tool on its website, that is available to all clients with no cost or obligation. The tool asks several basic questions and can tell a client if they are likely suitable for the All-on-4 procedure. More information can be found at

Sedation options are also available for most cosmetic dental procedures, to assist clients who have a fear of the dentist, anxiety conditions, or concerns about pain during their procedure. Clients are encouraged to ask about sedation prior to their appointment, to arrange for either a gentle oral sedative or full general anesthesia.

Though individual results will vary, the All-on-4 implants offer several potential benefits over traditional dentures. Clients often report that implanted teeth are more secure, making it easier to eat a wide variety of foods, preventing slippage, and eliminating the need for adjustments during meals.

One satisfied client said, “I finally found a prosthodontist/periodontist team who are kind, compassionate, and experts in full-mouth reconstruction. Dr. Jivraj is highly respected in his field and I have complete confidence in his ability to give me the smile I deserve to have.”

More information about the All-on-4 plus procedure and Anacapa Dental Art Institute can be found at

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