Bethlehem, PA Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Lawyer: No-Win, No-Fee Update

With the FDA reporting over 100,000 instances of medication error in the US per year, the Bethlehem, PA Medical Malpractice law firm has updated its services to ensure those affected can pursue justice and seek compensation.

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The Justice Guardians Bethlehem branch is now urging affected families to contact its team given that this type of claim must be filed within 2 years to the day of the victim’s passing.

With the aim of recovering compensatory and punitive damages, the team of attorneys represents the families and loved ones of those who died due to misdiagnoses, surgical mistakes, prescription errors, and birthing injuries.

The damages awarded to the dependents of those who died due to medical error or professional negligence intend to ameliorate the emotional distress and the financial burden of losing a loved one. The local lawyers will advise clients on the legal pathways they can take to recover maximum compensation and hold those to account in a court of law.

This process begins with the drafting of a pre-case demand letter, in which the Justice Guardians state their clients’ intentions to collect damages from the medical professional or provider at fault. Typically, this initial demand will include a desired settlement amount that, once paid, will ensure the responsible party is not taken to court.

If the claim cannot be resolved as such, the medical malpractice attorneys will represent the victims in a lawsuit which, if won, will result in the court deciding how much should be paid to plaintiffs.

The firm’s attorneys explain, “In Pennsylvania, there is no set formula for economic damages in a wrongful death case. The court will hear evidence from the claimant and any experts called for either side and then determine the damages based on the evidence presented.”

Justice Guardians Bethlehem offers a 24/7 hotline and complimentary case reviews.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our team of personal injury attorneys can provide you with advice and explain each step of the process. Don’t go it alone; let our experienced and dedicated injury attorneys guide you to justice.”

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