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The company’s latest update includes emergency repair services. In cases where an unforeseen event has damaged a customer’s window or door, SOS Glass Services Pty Ltd can immediately fix it, or at least secure the area until a new one can be installed.

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The company’s newest update helps customers who find themselves in a stressful situation after discovering a broken window or door at home or work. With the Australian Home Burglary and Security Statistics report indicating that over 400,000 homes and businesses were robbed in the last 12 months, it is vital for customers to secure their property to avoid further damages and loss.

SOS Glass Services Pty Ltd recommends aluminium because it has a high tensile strength that can withstand any break-in attempts. The metal does not rust like steel or iron, nor does it rot like wooden frames, offering the customer many years of security with minimal maintenance cost.

Good quality aluminium can last more than 30 years, even under extreme weather conditions. Compared to uPVC, which only has a lifespan of 20 years, SOS Glass Services believes that aluminium’s strength and durability make it worth the initial investment.

There is a common misconception that aluminium does not provide good thermal efficiency. However, the glass repair and maintenance company explains that this no longer holds true for newer types of aluminium alloys. Advancements in how the metal is glazed have made it 60% better than uPVC at maintaining temperature. Many owners have reported savings on their electricity bills after switching to aluminium.

Furthermore, SOS Glass Services explains that aluminium is easy to integrate into the aesthetics of a home. This is because aluminium takes to both paint and powder coating, which is what is used to create wood finishes.

Aside from its durability, aesthetic qualities, and strength, SOS Glass Services recommends aluminium because it is the most sustainable and eco-friendly material for windows and doors. According to, the material is infinitely recyclable and supports a circular economy. About 75% of the aluminium circulating in the world today is recycled, making it the construction material with the smallest carbon footprint.

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