Beginner Short-Bias Trader Chatroom With Pro Mentorship & Live Trading Update

The latest launch affirms MIC’s position at the forefront of stock market education with an expanded syllabus, delivered to its growing membership via its flagship mentorship program and peer support community. Tutorials now include coaching on short-bias trading strategies to help subscribers expand their trading skills.

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The announcement details MIC’s live trading approach and its renowned market recaps, offering members an expert view of current trends and prospects. The mentorship panel is made up of successful day traders who have overseen millions of dollars worth of business during their careers and wish to pass on the lessons they have learned to a new generation of aspiring traders.

MIC encourages its subscribers to take a technical approach and acquire analytical skills that encourage evidence-based practice rather than emotion-led trading.

Members learn how they can use dedicated short-bias techniques to capitalize on overall market behavior. Each mentorship program subscriber is assigned to their own personal coach, enabling them to ask questions, have their trades reviewed, and pick up tips to improve their performance. By learning from the experts, MIC members can expedite their journey toward financial self-sufficiency and consistent returns.

Other features of the platform’s training model include weekly webinars, daily trading blueprints, and a constantly-updated learning management system with a video encyclopedia of day trading resources.

Training topics also include technical and fundamental analysis, how to read and interpret SEC filings, stock scanning software, tape reading, short selling, and sector hype and craze. All of this is augmented with access to the chatroom – a global community of like-minded individuals, willing to swap tips and share their successes and failures with the group.

The platform was founded by Alex Temiz and Bao Nguyen. The pair wanted to create a new resource for day trading enthusiasts to address the lack of educational opportunities they could access when learning their craft.

A spokesperson says, “It is our mission to mentor and guide as many people as we can to becoming consistently profitable day traders When we first started, we wished there was someone to help us. We created MIC to help new traders and struggling traders find success, and ultimately, total financial freedom.”

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