BEF’s impact on future block technology developments and the world economic system

By mid-2020, 80 percent of central banks have joined the race to create a central bank’s digital currency, according to the data of Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and Thomas Moser, vice chairman of the SNB’s board of directors, said the SNB was planning its first digital currency test with another country or region, and central banks around the world were looking to launch the central bank’s digital currency in the coming years.

How should Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. get along with central bank digital currencies? In terms of characteristics, the three are different and have typical characteristics. Bitcoin was the first blockchain TOKEN to emerge, widely recognized and currently the most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalisation; Ethereum has programmable features that are more flexible than Bitcoin; both are irreplaceable compared to central bank digital currencies and will not disappear in a short time.

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2020 has had a huge impact on the world, with its long incubation period, high infectiousness and high fatality rate, causing irreversible damage to the global socio-economic community. It took just three months from the discovery of eight new cases of coronary pneumonia in early January 2020 to a global outbreak of more than 400,000 cases on March 24, 2020. At present, the number of infections is still increasing, the world’s governments without mandatory epidemic prevention measures, the number of infections will increase exponentially. In addition to mandatory isolation, there are ways to stop the virus from spreading rapidly, in addition to developing corresponding vaccines. Therefore, after the virus has been initially controlled, all countries in the world have carried out the development of vaccines. Vaccines are the great inventions in the history of human medicine, and the birth of every new vaccine means that mankind has overcome an infectious disease. No other medical measure has such an important, lasting and far-reaching impact on human health as vaccines, and no treatment drug has been able to remove a disease from the planet at a low cost, as vaccines do. Blockchain technology is applied in vaccine research and development, which is of positive significance for the vaccine industry to enter the era of digital imprint and accelerate vaccine research and development and production.

Blockchain technology is the first application of the field, must be in the human social life of the “just need” field, and health is the human needs. Typical information medical chain application platform connects vaccine research and development production institutions, medical examination institutions, insurance companies, medical institutions, medical technology service companies, users, doctors and so on, so that each participant in the chain can create value, contribute value, share value. The basic goal of typical information medical chain technology is to replace the centralized electronic coding of drugs in the early stage, focus on medical data in the near medium term, and target intelligent medical care in the medium and long term.

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