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Are you cool under pressure? If you’ve got a head on your shoulders and enjoy taking up challenges, becoming a security guard might be the right choice! Security guards are the first responders to onsite emergencies capable of saving lives with their alert thinking. As modern-day knights in shining armour, they are responsible for ensuring the safety of people, diffusing tense situations and securing buildings and monuments.

Security guards are indispensable to the modern world and therefore have variegated responsibilities too. From bodyguard jobs to event security, the opportunities are limitless.  

Wondering where to enrol for quality security training, knowing about the processes involved, and how to seek employment? If you intend to become a security guard, this article is not to be missed. Read on. 

First and foremost, you must complete formal training requirements by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) accredited by the state’s police.


Step Into Training Services (SITS) offers affordable, accredited training and education for the most in- demand profession in Australia. The CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations is an entry level qualification that you need. Security training is imparted at our Brisbane campus, which include presentations and practical demonstrations comprising a total of 14 core units of competency and lasts for about 12 months. This vocational course combines theoretical and practical security training sessions provided by our experienced professionals who have relevant industry experience and the knowledge to assist you to thrive in the security industry.

Armed with a Certificate II Security, you qualify to be employed in the real world as a Crowd Controller or Unarmed Guard. You’ll be placed at locations like- Sporting arenas, Shopping centres, Construction sites, Courts, Corporate offices, Airports, Educational institutions and so on.


To have a flourishing career in the security domain, there are certain skills and vital traits that hiring managers look for in aspiring candidates. A Certificate II in Security will help you acquire these appropriate skills to commence a career in the security industry in Australia. Take inventory of these qualities: vigilance, excellent communication skills, Critical thinking skills, ability to take and give direction, assertive with good interpersonal skills, responsible and trustworthy.


After successfully obtaining your Certificate II in Security you can start your career as a security guard in Australia and apply for your security licence.


Security jobs are among the most strenuous jobs in the world. Being a security guard can be quite taxing as the nature of this job entails immense commitment and hard work and puts you at risk. Despite this, there are bountiful avenues that stem from a career in the security industry. According to Job Outlook, Australia, it is estimated that the security industry is worth over $8.5 billion comprising $4.5 billion in manpower. Over 170,000 personnel are employed annually. People working as security officers and guards (in their main job) grew strongly over five years from 54,000 in 2014 to 62,500 in 2019. 

In Australia, job roles in the security domain have very promising growth. All you need now is to choose the right qualification, study in Brisbane at SITS and find your pathway to success.