Become the Best Creative Director All Talent Want to Work With

The new report offers essential advice that both aspiring and experienced creative directors need in order to be successful. The authors highlight focus, diplomacy, resilience, and imagination as some of the most critical soft skills a good leader should possess when working with voice talent.

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In its recently released guide, Voices notes that while technical skills are important for being a good creative director, soft skills are crucial for the implementation of any project. Collaboration is at the core of success, meaning that a great leader should properly distribute responsibilities among their team.

Sometimes, the report notes, creative directors become too focused on the goal at hand that they become a “do it all by yourself” person. While this may be effective when it comes to meeting deadlines, such an approach would not prove feasible in the long run and may even damage the director’s reputation.

Instead, a great director should cooperate with talents and properly distribute responsibilities. Voices also notes that creative directors should handle their projects with diplomacy. This means that voice talents should not be given tasks that are not aligned with their skill set, nor should they be forced to work faster or harder to meet deadlines.

Voice talents want to work with a director that mentors and teaches them how to deal with difficult situations, such as managing a challenging client. If a creative director does not encourage a collaborative environment, talents will not be comfortable expressing their ideas or concerns, which may consequently cause awkward situations and stress for the entire team.

The main job of the creative director, as emphasized by the new report, is to make their teams more productive by creating the right conditions. Physical considerations aside, the perfect work environment is relaxed and conducive to feedback. Creative directors should consider frequent breaks or engaging in team-building activities.

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